Friday, April 20, 2007

Fantastic New Adsense Videos!

It's Friday, so you already know today is
the last day to get 'Creating Your Own
Video Product
' and 'List Building 101' in
a bundle for just seven bucks from:

Great New Adsense Videos Released!

Two of my friends, Joel Comm and Liz Tomey, each rake
in a bundle each month from Google Adsense. While everyone
online knows Joel brings in a ton each month with it, not
everyone realizes the Liz does too. She's so well known for
her products she creates, few realize she's quitely been
bringing in almost 6 figures a year with Adsense - and
constantly testing & tweaking to do better.

Well, now Liz has combined both, and come out with the
perfect tool for those wanting to add Adsense or increase
their current Adsense returns from their site(s). Called
'Adsense Newbie Videos', that's exactly what they are -
videos that explain and demonstrate it all so simply that
even newbies can now follow along and do amazing things
with Adsense.

When I interviewed Liz in Baltimore last September, she
told me about the concept and I was intrigued - but when
she updated us about it in Orlando this February, I got
really excited and couldn't wait to tell you about them.
Now the waiting is over, and you can see them at:

Better still, Liz goes on to tell you how to contact
if any of your questions remain unanswered after
you watch the videos, to be sure you get EVERYTHING you
need to understand it all and be able to use it like a
pro to build your returns. But the videos really do cover
it all, from setting up your account through picking your
niches, finding the right target keywords, getting your
content together, building your sites, getting enough
visitors and tracking and maximizing what you get from
it all. Pretty impressive, especially when the whole
shebang is less than 50 bucks!

Go ahead - get into the site now, bookmark it and
watch the videos today or tomorrow, and then use part
of Sunday to start up this stream, or increase it if
you're already struggling with it:

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Doug Champigny

PS - Don't forget to get your download from

then head on over and watch Liz's videos - you'll
see why the site's destined to become the #1 site for
Adsense newbies online
- and remember, as everyone starts
to rave about how great these are, you heard about them
first from us
, when we sent you to:

To your success... DC.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Costa's Online Success Formula!

You know, when someone ‘guarantees‘ you results
within 60 days online, it’s usually too good to be true.
But when I know and respect the author, and know they
make 4 times what I do in a year, my ears perk up.
It very rarely happens, but it did with a new site I
was shown this week…

You’ll remember last week I showed you Costa Dedes’
Search Engine Optimization Strategies e-book
building traffic to your site from improved search
engine rankings, right?

If you’re one of the dozens who grabbed that one from
us, you already know he walks the walk - and backs up his
word with great info that’s really helpful, right? So you
know, then, why I’m excited to bring you a complete guide
to online success
from him. I printed it out (over 100
pages), used my Cerlox binding on it, and read through it.

Colour me impressed! Costa has broken the process down
into easy to follow steps, taking you through:

* Getting set up with ClickBank;

* Setting Up Your Salespage;

* Creating Your In-Demand Product;

* Finding A Ghostwriter to write it;

* Getting custom graphics;

* How to push your completed Product;

* Writing effective salespages & promos; and

* Maximizing your effectiveness at ClickBank.

Each of those categories is then broken down for you
so they’re much easier to accomplish. Also, notice he
doesn’t recommend taking a lot of time writing your own
e-books - instead he shows you how to have them researched
and written for you. Pretty much every ‘big-dog’ creates
at least some of their products this way, so don’t miss
the 24-page section on how to find writers, choose the
right one, etc.

This guide is simple enough for a complete newbie to
get up and running following his instructions - but it’s
powerful enough to be a great battle plan for anyone not
already pulling in 6 figures online - and the best guide
I’ve seen yet for getting products with your own name on
them out there successfully!

For all the various ways of ‘making it’ online, no
one consistantly pulls down big bucks without their own
products - and the guide you’re about to download shows
you how to reach that goal quickly - in fact if you try
his advice and aren’t bringing it in with your own e-book
within 60 days, he’ll refund your bucks and let you keep
all the bonuses - that’s how sure he is that it will do
the trick for you.

It took me a lot more than 60 days in this biz to get
my first e-book out there, so I really wish this had been
out there then. But at least it’s here now, just waiting
for you at:

Costa Dedes’ Online Startup Guide

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond…

Doug Champigny,

PS - Don’t get me wrong - resale rights, affiliate marketing,
Adsense sites - they’re all important parts of the mix
for your online biz. But nothing moves you up and gets
you noticed faster than coming out with your own e-books.
Download YOUR success blueprint and get started today:

Costa Dedes’ Online Startup Guide

To your success… DC.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Affiliate Marketing Guides - Pt 1

Two NEW Affiliate Marketing Resources
are now available to you, too!

As a member of our online family, you probably already
know that Teri & I own & run over 35 web sites, and pull in 4-5
figures a month from them, right? So it may not surprise
you to know we do the same with our affiliate marketing as well.
Some of you already have the two e-books I wrote on the
subject and the report on Blogging for Affiliates.

Over the past few months you've seen us finish in the
top ranks of events from Liz Tomey, Joel Comm, Mike Steup,
Jeff Dedrick, Jason James, Joel Christopher and others.
Now, you know me - I'm not saying that to brag, but to
show our newer readers that when I talk about affiliate stuff,
I speak from the vantage point of someone who has already
achieved the coveted 'Super-Affiliate' status. When it comes
to affiliate marketing, 'been there - done that'.

So you can imagine how excited I am to have found TWO
amazing new resources in one week. Guides so powerful I
plunked down the bucks to grab them right off... And best
of all, now you can too! Both of these include the info
to help complete newbies get started, but they're both
designed to take you to the higher ranks REALLY quickly.
Not old, rehashed info, but powerful strategies and
techniques that are pulling in major bucks right now for
those who know these tricks, tips and techniques...

Here's the first one - while neither is 'better' than
the other (they cover different material), I'm showing
you this one first because right now you can scoop it up
for less than ten bucks. But don't wait - Chris is known
for pulling things back off the net. Download your copy
right now:

New Affiliate Marketing Resource #1

Want another way to tell it's primo info? Chris is
giving you 8 weeks to either see that it IS everything
it purports to be, or to return it and get your money
back. So no matter how busy you are right now, you've
got almost 2 full months to test out his info and his
claims - but if you read it and act on it, you'll know
a lot sooner that you were a smart cookie for downloading
it today! :) And right about tax time, it's nice to have
a minor outlay for a major boost in returns - so get
your copy downloaded now:

New Affiliate Marketing Resource #1

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Doug Champigny

PS - Once you've downloaded the manual, you'll be sent
an e-mail with a link to their Affiliate Program - it's
only open to those who have their report. Be sure to get
your link onto your sites, blogs and e-zines while this
report is still new - soon EVERYBODY will be talking
about it, and you want your link out there first!

New Affiliate Marketing Resource #1

Watch for tomorrow's post with your New
Affiliate Marketing Resource #2!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Joint Ventures And Teleseminars

Here's the start of a series of articles that
you can use in your e-zine, on your sites or
on your blogs. Please note that if you use
this or any article from this blog, you must
leave it unchanged, all links intact and
include the resource box directly under the

Here's today's article:


Joint Ventures and Teleseminars

©2007 Doug Champigny.

If you plan to host a teleseminar or a webinar,
you will definitely want to set up one or more
joint venture deals as well. Joint ventures are
vital to the success of a teleseminar or webinar –
for a couple of different reasons.

The first way that joint ventures benefit teleseminars
is with promotions. You will have a limited amount of
time to promote your product, and if your joint venture
partners have email lists of their own, this is where
those promotions should start. You will get a high number
of participants in a very short amount of time, simply
because the joint venture partner recommends the event
to their list.

Joint venture partners may also be guest speakers at
your event. Typically, they will collect a percentage
of sales made through the event – or even for the event
if there is a fee for participation. They also generally
have an opportunity to promote their own product during
the event as well.

Joint venture partners are also good ways to get special
bonuses or special prices for your participants. When JV
partners have a stake in the profit of the event, they
will often ‘donate’ one or more of their related products
as bonuses, or offer to give participants a special price
on related products.

You can easily locate joint venture partners with the help
of a broker, who will expect a fee for their service.
However, some brokers ask for a percentage of the proceeds
of the joint venture arrangement in lieu of fees. You can
also approach potential joint venture partners yourself,
without the help of a broker.

If you are approaching a potential joint venture partner,
try to get a mutual friend or contact to introduce you.
Whether you are able to do this or not, you must present
a joint venture proposal that not only explains to the
potential JV partner what you are trying to do, but you
must also show them what is in it for them.

If the benefits of participation are attractive enough
for the potential JV partner, you won’t have any problems
at all getting people in your corner. The important thing
is to make the deal attractive and to remember that nobody
wants to spend their time or put forth effort for something
that does not benefit them enough.

Doug Champigny is an Internet marketer and e-zine
publisher who is very well-known online. To get a
free report on using Teleseminars and Webinars,

To your success,

Doug Champigny.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Creating Internet Marketing Videos...

Have you been watching the explosion of video online?
Video e-books, video on sites, the Web 2.0 trend of using
videos at sites like GoogleVideo and YouTube to bring
more visitors to your sites and brand yourself better?

As you know, we introduced the first big video bundle of
tools with our Internet Audio Video Pro Toolkit, and
more and more people are downloading it from our site.

If you're ready to start using video and audio on your
sites, it's a great route to go - 8 powerful resources to
let you create and add streaming audio and streaming video
to your sites! And there's more on that site too - a number
of articles to give you more info on using audio and video
online - just follow the link to the aricle directory from:

While we were in Orlando at JVAlert, a lot of other
IM'ers asked us about using video, since they know we were
amongst the pioneers for it, and are also professional
photographers/videographers on the side. I got the sense
that a lot of people WANT to start using video, but aren't
really too sure about what's involved, how complicated it
is, what tools they need, etc.

And as usual, when a strong need like that appears in
our field, a guide shows up to answer those questions. A
great example is 'How To Create Your Own Video Products'
that's featured this week at:

Don't worry - this isn't some pendulous volumn filled
with confusing techno-babble. This e-book is just a very
straightforward guide that gives you the info you want in
just over 20 pages. No fluff, no filler, just a good basic
grounding in what you need to know - chapters include:

* The Tools You Need

* Choosing the Right Web Cam

* Creation and Editing Tools

* Planning Your Shoot

* Editing Your Video

* Creating Video Tutorials

* How To Put Your Videos Online

* Using Video To Get More Visitors, Higher Conversions

Your copy of this powerful resource is waiting to
be downloaded from:

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Doug Champigny

PS - Because this is the first good guide to the subject
that you've seen, you know most people online haven't seen
one yet either - which makes the Master Resell Rights and
pro salespage all the more important to you. Please don't
procrastinate til such reports are a dime a dozen, be the
first to introduce one to YOUR e-zine, site visitors and
blog readers today!

PPS - If you're THINKING about using streaming video and
audio on your sites, in products or to boost your returns
from your online biz, check out the guide. But if you're
READY to start using video and audio, get it and then
download the tools you need in our IAVPro toolkit!

To your success... DC.

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