Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SEO For Newbies Videos with MRR

I finally got the 2nd set of videos for our newbies
site online - SEO For Newbies. This set of 10 videos
starts with the basics and moves on up to much more
advanced info on how to get more targeted visitors to
every site & blog you have or will launch - you can
see what each video is about here.

If you're tired of seeing others get the bulk of the
visitors, and the bulk of the bucks, then it's time to
learn how to build sites the engines love - how to get
indexed quickly, then how to move your sites up higher
and higher in the rankings so you pull more and more of
the targeted visitors you're after.

Explained in plain language that a newbie can easily
understand, yet powerful enough to help mid-level IMers
too and be a strong review for SEO regulars, these videos
contain everything you need to know about ensuring your
sites and blogs are as engine-friendly as they can be.

Don't let your sites twist in the winds of the Internet
outback any longer, bring them into the big-league success
spotlight starting today with the information you're about
to learn once you've downloaded your copy of the videos.

For now, I'm including both the MRR and the salespage
and download page for the low introductory rate, giving
you one more way to make extra bucks from these videos.
Start the whole machine in progress by downloading your
copy of the SEO For Newbies Videos right now.

Empowering YOU & Helping You Make 2008 GREAT...

Doug Champigny
Team Champigny

P.S. - There's going to be an awful lot of noise online
tomorrow about a powerful new report Mike Filsaime is
sending out
. The report is free, you just cover the 8
bucks or so for the shipping. Your best course of action
is to get on the notification list, so you're amongst
the first to know when the info is ready - here's an
advance link for you...

Since we'll be on the road to JVAlert in Philly
tomorrow, I wanted to get this to you so you wouldn't
miss out even if I'm not able to get a note to you in
time. By getting on that list, their system will see
you get the link when the time comes. ok?

Helping you succeed... DC.

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