Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Succeed At Making Money Online

How To Succeed At Making Money Online

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Each of us in Internet marketing is at a different point in what we do, same as each of us has different goals for the future. But some steps have been shown to be a part of the Internet marketing success path no matter who we are or what we want from our online marketing efforts...

Speaking at a number of Internet marketing seminars, being a guest at a lot more of them, doing teleseminars and being interviewed, being on the inside of top-level joint ventures (JVs), etc, etc, I've talked to thousands of people doing business online in the past number of years, and found that those at or near the top got there mostly through one of two routes to online marketing success:

A) They came into the online marketing industry with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to put into their online business and bought their way to success online, or

B) They pretty much followed the same Internet marketing path to success as what I'm about to show you - the route most take to go from newbie to six-figures a year online and beyond.

Step One: As you start to learn the online marketing business, your first profits come from affiliate marketing, since it's the easiest and cheapest way to get started in your own business online...

Step Two: As your confidence grows will more affiliate marketing success, you start to pick up products with Master Resell Rights and put them online, adding to the profits you make each month...

Step Three: Using the knowledge you've gained in steps 1 & 2, you start to pick up PLR products, convert them to your own unique offerings and get those online to brand yourself, boost your sales and get your affiliate links out in front of a lot more people...

Article continued at From Newbie To Six Figures In Internet Marketing


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