Friday, August 19, 2005

Your List Pro Bundle Awaits...

Welcome Back!

Hope your day goes well! Have any big plans for the
weekend? If so, please be sure to grab your copy of the
List Pro collection before you leave...

First day sales show we have another winner with this
Insiders' bundle - but I want YOU to get it too, friend.

Why is it so important to me? Because I know
that nothing will be more important to your own
online efforts or play a greater role in your online
success than having your own list!

This List Pro bundle is definitely the best package
available specifically geared to building your list - bar
none! I've compiled the best resources I've come across
in the last 5 years, and made them available to you at
one low price - so low that you can make your money
back with just one sale of the Float-In Windows
Generator or Filter Buster - both of which you should
be using anyway.

How valuable is your own list? It simply can't be measured
easily, but it WILL make the difference between whether
you succeed online or not. And you already know that Teri
& I are committed to seeing you become successful online...

Pay particular attention to the 'Build Your Own List'
e-course that starts the bundle. This is a brand-new resource
we created to maximize returns from using it - and it's so new
I haven't even got it set up in our own autoresponder yet.
Check it out here:

You get the full reprint rights, meaning you can offer the
e-course yourself. You get full customization rights - meaning
you replace my links with yours, and sign your own name as
author. And you get the exact same sales page & download
page that we're using on our site - sell just one copy and you've
made your money back, even though you can go on using the
course for years.

More importantly, everyone on this list will learn from
just reading this course - it's so jam-packed with info and
resources I'm confident that no one reading this has used
every list-building concept it details. And yes, you CAN
get it separately at

but why not get the full bundle including the 5-Day course
for so little more from

After all, as an insider you get the bundle for much less
than the outsiders - $50 less, in fact. That's less than half
the price for outsiders, and far less than the cost of getting
these 10 resources separately!

If you're not already building your list, friend, get started
now with the List Pro. And if you've already started your
list, use the List Pro bundle to put those efforts into high
gear and start becoming a real player online today!

Like all of our Insider Specials, this one is only going
to be available until Monday at midnight - so why not
get your copy now before it's too late? Then you can
go on to enjoy your weekend, not worrying about
missing out!

Take care, talk soon...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - Remember, if the bundle is too much for you right
now, you can get just the 5-Day Build Your Own List
course separately from

Put your links into each of the five messages, load them
into your autoresponder, and use the sign-up page to
offer it from - you can be building your own list by
Monday! And you still get to put the sales page online
to offer the whole Course to resellers - in fact the
course itself will become your sales tool for the sale!
It's a complete system just waiting for you to milk it!

Enjoy! -DC

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