Thursday, May 22, 2008

Build Opt-In Lists The Easy Ways!

The new PLR package at took
off right from the launch yesterday, as I knew it would.
You see, it covers the most important aspect of the biz,
building your opt-in list, while giving you the best
product, PLR, and enough articles to build a good site
or blog to push it from.

A package like this should be a lot more - just the
e-book with no rights should go for this much, but I
want it out into people's hands quickly so you can get
it online quickly and start making some bucks with it.
Just as important, I want you to READ the e-book and
READ the articles, to make sure you're not missing out
on any of the top ways to build your list - most of them
don't take any bucks, so there's no reason not to be
using them all.

And you already know that your Opt-In List is where
your future lies - that's where you make the bulk of your
money online, right? You've heard it a lot, and it's
true. But what they always forget to say is that your
list is only important AFTER you get it to a certain
size - until then, it's just not that powerful.

So I countered that by giving you 20 PLR articles to
go with the e-book. Why? Because until your list gets
to that effective size, you need a way to get traffic,
targeted traffic, to your sites. Traffic that will
download your products, Traffic that will join your
list and help you get to that magic number.

And what draws Traffic to a site? Content. Plain
and simple, people are online looking for information.
You want people to join your list, and you want them to
download your new list-building e-book. So you put
articles about building your list on your site, and
link them to the salespage. You use some of the articles
as blog posts, all linked to your salespage, both to
get visitors looking for that info to your site and to
show the search engines where your salespage is so
they can index it today.

An e-book with your links in it and your name on it.
A site with list-building content on each page. And a
blog on list-building to draw in traffic from the
engines and all the Web 2.0 sites. Pretty cool, eh?
Especially if you're one of the only 200 people who
will ever have access to the PLR rights to it.

Don't miss this unless you want to take a week
researching & writing your own e-book, another week
writing your own articles, and time creating the
graphics. Two or three weeks versus $27. for this
package? Go ahead, start your download now from

Empowering YOU & Helping You Make 2008 GREAT...

Doug Champigny,
Easy Articles Pro

P.S. - If you're in our Team Champigny Affiliate Program, this
is product number 59 in there - but you better hurry
if you want in. This one's just too good to last
long, and we're protecting those rights with the
strict limit. You saw me pull the rights to the
PLR Tutorial Videos, and we'll do the same here
as soon as the 200 are gone. Familiarize yourself
with the material at , get your
link and let your lists know fast - we'd love to
send you some fat commissions for this one!

Helping you succeed... DC.

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