Friday, October 21, 2005

Adding Audio To Your Site

Welcome Back!

Adding audio to your website used to be esoteric
and even detrimental - it took a ton of bandwidth
when most people were on dialup connections, and
then they had to wait til the massive audio file had
finished downloading before it began playing...

But with today's multimedia computers and faster
connections (cable, DSL, etc), audio is no longer a
killer - in fact, it's rapidly becoming a necessary
tool for marketers to demonstrate their credibility.

Remember - people do business with people, not
with companies or web sites. Adding your voice
to your site helps your traffic identify with you
personally, and makes the site much more

Another real hurdle was the price. Sure, you could
add audio for free, but it played automatically -
really upsetting those who had no way to turn it
off. So you had to use streaming audio, with those
little buttons so users could choose to listen if they
wanted to, and could turn it off at any point. But
that meant using a streaming audio service, with
upfront AND monthly costs.

Fortunately, Macromedia's Flash program will
let you stream audio - if you have the program
AND you know how to do it. Most marketers
know very little about major software packages,
and don't want to spend a lot of time becoming
a computer geek...

And that's where Web Audio Plus comes in. This
is the best solution I've seen for Internet marketers
and affiliate marketers, and I can highly recommend
it. You see, we tried it out for Teri's Hallowe'en
Spooktacular promo at:

Teri Champigny's Hallowe'en Spooktacular Sale-A-Bration!

If you scroll down a bit on the page, you'll see the
audio welcome message beside Teri's photo. While
we used pro audio tools to create the message itself,
a simple voice recording could have been made
using just Web Audio Plus itself. But we DID use
Web Audio Plus to turn our MP3 file into the
Flash format with the buttons you see there.

The neat part is that you can make the buttons any
colour and size you want - so that they match the
design of your web site. Go ahead - play the recording:

Play the recording here...

Notice how it started as soon as you clicked? That's
the joy of streaming audio. And with the
Web Audio
software, recording and converting your file is
as simple as following along as the wizard walks you
through the 6 or 8 steps to completion.

So it's no wonder that when you scroll further down
the page, you'll see Web Audio Plus is the first
product in that package. Even further down the page,
you'll see the lowest price ever for it, provided you
download it by Monday, Oct. 24th at midnight
Eastern time.

But don't worry if you don't get there by Monday - the
whole bundle will still be available for under $50 until
midnight on October 31st - Hallowe'en Night! After that
you'll have to get it from our
Market My Dot Com site.

So hurry - download the whole fantastic bundle and start
playing with YOUR copy of Web Audio Plus today - your
web site traffic and your pocketbook will both thank you!

Download Web Audio Plus Now!

To your success,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - Remember, Web Audio Plus is just one of five
great products in the Spooktacular bundle - and
you'll get 4 powerful bonuses as well. It's all at

Enjoy! --DC

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's Spooktacular!

Too curious to wait?

Welcome Back!

You've got to see this new page we've uploaded:

Be prepared, though - This is not a normal design...
but it IS a killer site... And just in time for
Hallowe'en! Check it out here:

You'll find 5 new products there - I've never even
mentioned any of these to you before... And by stopping
by before midnight Monday you'll get the best of this
one... Plus, you can instantly join our Affiliate program
and let your lists know about it right away for
the best results...

But it's worth taking a look at this page and reading
the copy just for the chuckle, even if you're not
looking for anything right now...

Take care, talk soon...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - Two of these products come with full rights -
one copy of either gets you back twice what you'll
be laying out for the entire bundle - if you get
yours before Monday night...

Enjoy! - DC.

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