Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Ultimate Social Media Giveaway Is Open For Contributors - Hurry!

Are You Ready To Build Opt-In Lists?

The Ultimate Social Media Giveaway launches in 2 weeks, and right now you can get in as a contributor, upload your gift(s) and get ready to start adding targeted leads to your opt-in lists!

If you're not familiar with how to use giveaways to build your list, the concept is simple:

1) You offer a free incentive as a download - a report, e-book, video series, etc.
2) You list your gift on the giveaway site
3) Visitors interested in your gift sign up to join your mailing list in exchange for getting the free information from you.

The problem is that there are so many giveaways going on these days you have to pick and choose the ones you want your brand associated with, and the ones you feel will help you build your list more quickly.

Your first concern is who is running the event - you need to make sure THEY are reputable & will manage the event professionally. In this giveaway that's Stephanie Mulac, Kerry Russell & Paul Teague - so no worries there. In fact, Stephanie Mulac is the established 'Queen of List-Building Giveaways', having earned that rep through running the best events to date.

Second, you need to know about the other contributors - are they known for quality products and services, and will they promote the event as diligently as you will? Again no issue, with people like myself, Willie Crawford, JT Martin, Mike Merz & Phil Basten involved.

Third, you need to be sure the giveaway targets the same demographic group YOU target in your marketing. That's where this giveaway really shines, since EVERY online entity needs a good social media presence these days whether they're in mainstream Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing or promoting offline businesses. Similarly, this ensures you'll be sending your people to gifts and downloads that will benefit them in their online endeavors.

Fourth & finally, you need to be sure enough people are involved in the event for it to reach critical mass - will there be enough buzz about it to generate a good-sized response? Again, the Ultimate Social Media Giveaway is a stand-out amongst today's giveaways - over 1,000 marketers have already signed up to participate and over 225 have already uploaded their gifts...

Build Your List Fast with the Ultimate Social Media Giveaway

And all that with 2 weeks to go before the event even opens to the public to grab their downloads!WHich is great news for YOU, because it means you still have 2 weeks to get your gift ready for the event. Get signed up now as a contributor to the Ultimate Social Media Giveaway for free or take one of the paid upgrades to offer more than one gift, then get your gift(s) ready so you can build opt-in lists right alongside us and build your list fast!

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