Friday, February 17, 2006

Major Affiliate Opportunity...

Teri & I are going to spend most of today
getting the next product ready to put up at for tomorrow
morning, but first I just had to tell you about
a quick way to make some bucks of your own
over the weekend - or for the next few weeks,
if you prefer.

We spent a lot of time over the last few months
showing you how to get your own list started, and
designing resources like the List Builder to help
you even more - you DID pickup the free list builder
and start using it already, right?

Download your FREE List Builder Here...

Well now it's time to get something back from it!
Yesterday, I told you how great the OTO at Mike Steup's
new site was - and that you could get 100 PLR articles
there for free:

Download 100 Free Articles with Private Label Rights

Our readership showed how right we were - the OTO
was picked up by 5% of everyone of you who went to the
site. Now if you've ever done any affiliate marketing,
you know a 5% conversion rate is amazing - usually it's
about .5 - 1%. In fact, the only other site we've ever had
this kind of results from is Ewen Chia's
Secret Affiliate Weapon:

Ewen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon

So here's what you do - if you've already picked up
the Article Pro package from Mike, go back to the
download page and get into his affiliate program. If you
haven't, grab the package right now and then get into
the affiliate program through the link on the download
page - then use the pre-written e-mails to get some
quick affiliate commissions from the site as well.
After all, how many people DON'T want to pick up
100 Free Private Label Rights Articles?

Helping You Succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - If you do have the List Builder site on your site,
be sure to get it enough traffic to keep building your lists
for you on autopilot. Grab the free SEO report:

Expert's Free Guide to the Future of Search Engine Optimization

and then download your copy of Jason Mangrum's
Instant Traffic Formula - it's not free, but definitely
worth getting to help your site:

Your Instant Traffic Formula for 2006

But no matter what else you do today...
Make Money Giving Away Free Articles!

To your success... -- DC.


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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Amazing One Time Offer!

TodayI have a great new resource for you
from our good friend Mike Steup...

You might remember Mike from the
10DaysOfWinter or 10DaysOfSummer
events, from his JVBuddy program, or any
number of other projects - Mike doesn't release
as many new sites as some, but every one is
true dynamite!

And his latest is no exception. Today he's going
to start by giving you 100 Private Label Rights articles
you can use in any way you like. And yes, I said 'give'.
Whether you go on to grab his one-time-offer or not,
the articles are yours to download free.

But as valuable as those free articles are, it's the
OTO that you'll love. Here's what all is involved:

FIRST: Site Builder - An easy tool which will
convert a whole set of text articles into matching
web pages, instantly and automatically.

SECOND: Page Builder - Add new articles to your
site one at a time. This can be a great way to add
new content directly from article directory sites.
With this software, you can browse through the
directory and then when you find an article you
like, turn it into a web page on the spot.

THIRD: Adsense Income Booster - A selection
of 20 specially created photo advert block designs
which can be instantly included in your web pages.

FOURTH: Search Phrase Customizer - Allows
you to take the exact search phrase entered into the
Search Engine by the visitor and display it wherever
you want on your web page.

It's easy to see that these four tools represent a big
boost to your online biz arsenal - what's harder to see
is why Mike's releasing all four at once for under $30...

Go get your articles & stay for the OTO - it's a smart
move to add these to your toolbox. If you don't want
the articles, just scroll down to the 'No Thanks' link &
you can go straight to the tools. Either way, it's the
best thing you'll do today to help your online biz efforts!

Helping You Succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - Remember to make the articles unique, to make them
your own before you use the ArticlePro on them - Use
Ken Reno's free tool for that at:

PPS - Today is the last day that the 'Newbie Guide...'
will be on - tomorrow it's replaced by
the next product. If you haven't grabbed it yet, go now:

To your success... -- DC.


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