Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Dog targeted Traffic Software

Just got back from Ken McArthur's JVAlert Live in Philadelphia - easily the best seminar I've attended so far! Ken always makes sure the JVAlert seminars are first rate, but he really outdid himself for this one!

Teri & I are getting ready for Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing SuperConference in Las Vegas June 19th - 22nd, where I'll be speaking on driving free targeted traffic to your web sites, blogs and affiliate links, mostly using the new Web 2.0 technologies.

So naturally, when I overheard a couple of our Big Dog friends discussing an incredile underground collection of traffic-generating tools, my ears perked up, my mouth started to water and my inner big dog began to howl at the moon... ;)

Quickly the discussion turned to whether we should tell the public about these tools or just use them ourselves. You see, for all their traffic-generating power, these tools could be used in a 'black hat' scheme by unethical marketers, and we were honestly worried about promoting them because of it.

But the truth is we owe it to those following us to make them aware of anything this powerful, both so they can use the white-hat capabilities of the software and so they're aware of the black-hat uses and can protect their sites and traffic from unscrupulous competitors who may not share our ethics.

So please, keep your 'White Hat' on when you check out this incredible traffic-generating software, ok?

To your Success...

Doug Champigny,
Massive Traffic Bootcamp.


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