Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Internet Marketing on Twitter

Twitter has taken the Web 2.0 social networking to a whole new level, and taken both the Internet marketing industry and Internet users in general by storm. As a result, it's also become one of the best tools for Internet marketers - IF you know how to use it correctly for Internet marketing, niche marketing and/or affiliate marketing. In fact, advanced Twitter marketing is one of the fastest ways to get targeted traffic to your sites, blogs and affiliate links and to build your opt-in lists.

To start with, Twitter is known as a 'micro-blogging' site, as it limits your posts, called 'tweets', to 140 characters. While this might seem overly restricitve, remember that the original intended use for tweets was just to answer the question 'What are you doing right now?'

It does take a bit of practice, but once proficient at Twitter you'll find you can convey your message in those short tweets - or at least give people a link to your blog post on the subject. If you're not using Twitter yet, or not familiar enough with the system it employs, start by checking out the information on the Road To Twitter Success website, designed to introduce marketers and businesses to using Twitter commercially.

Twitter is essentially a social site, used by most people to socialize online. But their user base has become so large that any and every viewpoint and niche is now represented well there. Since it can be quick and easy to build a following on Twitter, it has attracted many of the marketers that have found it tough to build a following for their own blogs.

I won't go into the merits of blogs vs Twitter here, because I've already covered that in my post Twitter Marketing or Marketing On Your Blogs - Which Is Better? For our purposes here today, let's just summarize that info and say that for Internet marketing purposes blogs and Twitter should be used in tandem for optimum results.

The secret to success for any business is to provide solutions to your target market. This is true of your Twitter marketing too. If your posts are mostly about the weather, what you had for dinner or what music you're listening to, you won't be building a following that's conducive to marketing on Twitter - you'll be attracting the lonely hearts club who just want someone to interact with online.

Instead, keep the bulk of your posts friendly, informative and niche-focused if you're using Twitter for marketing purposes. Pass along information that helps your target market, including links to your blogs and sites. Pass along informative tweets from those you follow, too. Called 'retweeting', done right this isn't plagiarism but is actually encouraged as one more way to share information. See the blog post Twitter Marketing - Retweet Etiquette on Twitter for the do's and don'ts of retweeting on Twitter.

As you become more proficient at using Twitter for marketing purposes, you'll rapidly find it becoming a major source of targeted traffic - sometimes rivalling the traffic a site or blog gets from the major search engines, especially if the site doesn't score that well on the search engine ranking pages. You'll find some helpful information on getting traffic from Twitter on the Top Traffic Tips blog, such as the Web 2.0 Top Traffic Tip - Maximizing Twitter Traffic blog post.

But while a lot of small business people, Internet marketers and affiliate marketers are using Twitter more and more, most are getting either no or lukewarm results from it becase they have yet to grasp the bigger picture of Twitter marketing and how it ties in with their overall online marketing practices and strategies. As they become more adept at using Twitter and learn the techniques of advanced Twitter marketing they'll see those results improve - often drastically!

Hopefully some of the information I've already posted about advanced Twitter marketing will help a lot of people make money with Twitter, such as Advanced Twitter Marketing For Affiliate Marketing Success for affiliate marketers, and 5 Advanced Twitter Marketing Tips For Small Businesses, designed to help small business people use Twitter more effectively for promoting their onine work-at-home businesses or offline businesses.

So if you're looking to take your Twitter marketing into the profit zone, what should you do next? If you're not already using Twitter for business, start by downloading and watching the step-by-step video training tutorial on using Twitter for business and then set up a new Twitter account focused on your Twitter marketing.

If you're already proficient at using Twitter for business and are looking for more advanced info, visit and bookmark the Advanced Twitter Marketing Blog, where I'll be posting more and more info to help businesses on Twitter. And, of course, follow me on Twitter for real-time marketing tweets. :-)

Later this week I'll be releasing my newest e-book, The Advanced Twitter Marketing System. Included in the bundle will be the case-study of how the system was tested using the Twitter account CaptnAffiliate to build a tightly-targeted following of over 2,000 prospects in under a month, while getting e-zine signups and sales from that following within the first week. Watch this space for updates!

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