Thursday, February 24, 2005

Building Your Opt-In List - Part II

Hi, Folks!

Hope you're doing just great today, and that you're ready to move right along building your opt-in lists!

If you've finished your plans from Part I, by this point you've set up

If you haven't finished (or even started!) that process yet, you can retreive the info from the archive. Stop and do it now - today's steps build on those, so make sure they're in place first.

Today we'll focus on two of my favorite types of tools - tools that are FREE, VIRAL & PROVEN EFFECTIVE!!! And better yet, both are 'SET & FORGET' resources - tools that take only a few minutes to enable, and then require no further work to keep them working for you long term...

Both of these viral list-builders operate on a similar basis. By placing their code on your page, you create an additional signup form with a few related e-zines on it for people to sign up through. For every page-view you receive, your e-zine or e-course info shows up in a subscription form on other people's sites!

These programs have been responsible for adding literally hundreds of opt-in subscribers to our lists and yet it took less than an hour to join and get the codes for both programs working on our various sites as appropriate. Not a bad return for the time spent, eh?

And the beauty of it is that they'll just keep on adding signups to our lists as time goes on, without any intervention from us whatsoever! True 'Set & Forget' technology!

Read through the signup pages and then register for your own account at each:

OptIn Storm

List Inferno

Go ahead - Click through to each of them using the above links... I'll wait...

Dum-De-Dum-Dum... (Hmmm... never knew a person could type off-key...)

Welcome back! Gee, that didn't take long, did it? And like I said - both services are totally free - neither charged you a cent, tried to upgrade you to some other level or anything, did they?

Go ahead and add the codes to your page now, and to your home page, and to any other high-traffic page in your site. The List Inferno code will place a subscription box wherever you put it on your page (we always put it at the bottom so it doesn't interrupt our visitors' flow), while the OptIn Storm code produces a pop-up subscription form as the person leaves your page.

Once your code's in place, upload the page to overwrite the original one and away it goes. If you're one of the people who got the FloatIn Windows Generator from us this week, make sure you've set it to slide in when the person first comes to the page so that the OptIn Storm popup on exit isn't annoying overkill.

Wow - what an opt-in trap you've built! There's the Float-In when they arrive, the subscription form on the page, and now another chance for them to sign up when they're leaving the page - plus dozen, hundreds or possibly even thousands of other peoples' sites showing your e-course, depending on your web site traffic levels...

What a List-Building Wizard you've become! And there's still more ways to come!!!

Keep that 'Superior-To-All-Others' feeling going, and we'll talk more soon!

All the best,

Doug Champigny.
Welland, ON, Canada.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Trying Hard To Make Money Online?

Have you been wondering how to make some extra money, or even a full-time income online? Or maybe you're already involved in it, but just can't quite seem to make the leap to real profits? If so, You need to read this FREE REPORT!

In it, you'll learn:

  • The secrets to choosing successful programs
  • How to market those opportunities
  • How to get tons of FREE TRAFFIC to any site
  • How to start and build your own OPT-IN LIST
  • Even how to get your own FREE MONEY-MAKING WEB SITES!

Don't Delay! Read through this content-rich 12 page report today and find out which pieces of the Internet Marketing puzzle have been eluding YOU!
Click Here Now To Read The Report!

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Promoting Affiliate Programs - The A.I.I.P. System...

Hi, Folks!

Welcome once again! Today's post is some basic information about making money from Affiliate Programs - a topic near and dear to every Internet Marketers' heart!

The following is an exerpt from the
Affiliate Marketing Special Report!

here are any number of ways to promote affiliate programs. Successfully promoting affiliate programs is an art that has earned 6-figure incomes for some, and 5-figure incomes for a heck of a lot more. Yet many who start out with dreams of making a fortune online never get there - they either make very little, nothing at all - or end up losing money, never earning back the fees they spent to join programs, promote programs, build web sites or buy advertising.

Why is that? There are many reasons, but the most common is a lack of action, followed closely by a lack of persistence. Surely you've run into affiliates who've signed up for a program, put a couple of banners on their site promoting that opportunity, and then ignored it completely, except to complain that affiliate programs just don't work...

Promoting Affiliate Programs:
The A.I.I.P. System...

is for Action - your immediate, on-going, persistent action! Unless you take Action, and keep taking Action to promote your affiliate programs, you will see little or no affiliate earnings at all. This does not meant taking a shotgun approach - running all over the place scattering your time, money and energy in all directions. It means taking Action along a laser-targeted path, always focusing on building your opt-in mailing list and exposing your affiliate opportunities to an ever-expanding audience.

is for Investment - and understand right from the beginning that successfully marketing affiliate programs and making money with affiliate programs is going to require an on-going Investment of both time and money. Yes, you can get started without spending money - but it takes a heck of a lot of time. Yes, you can get started with very little time to invest, but it'll take a lot more money to get started. For most people, the solution is to invest a comfortable balance of both, then increase them as you start to see returns from your initial efforts. One MAJOR tip - always count on re-investing at least half of your affiliate earnings back into your efforts - you'll be able to turn that money over and over again if you do!

is also for being Innovative! There's an old saying I absolutely love that covers this completely - 'If you're not the lead dog, your view never changes!' That addage is as true for Affiliate Marketing as it was for dog sledding. You have to differentiate yourself from the pack, both by coming up with new ways to promote your affiliate programs and by modifying existing tools & techniques to match your personal style. Remember all the promotions around Christmas? How many different marketers sent you the exact same letter promoting the same event? Once you'd seen the site once, you didn't click through on any other copies of that same letter, did you? But a few partners were Innovative, using a letter they wrote themselves, weaving the link into the e-mail they sent. Those you may well have clicked on - they have a much higher click-through rate because they took the time to be Innovative about what they sent to you.

is for Persistence. Unless you have a gazillion dollars to invest in Pay-Per-Click campaigns at Google, Overture and the like, you will most likely not make money your first month, maybe not even for the first few months. This is the time period where Persistence is your most valuable tool! Once the money starts rolling in from your affiliate programs it's easy to stay focused and push to make more. But those first few months of building your opt-in mailing list and promoting your new affiliate programs are the hardest, simply because there's little or no measurable return. The good news is that this is where most of your would-be competition will drop out of the race - the longer it takes to see returns from the program, the fewer the number of potential affiliates that stick it out and start making real money from it. The gold's at the end of the rainbow - not just after the rain. Be there at the Winners' Finish Line - thanks to your Persistence!

Are YOU Ready To Start AIIP-ing Success?

Re-read this page, taking time to consider each point in the A.I.I.P. System. Are you ready to make the commitment each point requires? Do you fully understand that you need to take action on a timely and regular basis? To invest time and money into your affiliate marketing? To put some time & brain-power into being innovative? And especially to sticking with it, working hard at it, all while understanding that it will take some time, quite possibly a long time, before you start to see your rewards? If not, I have to be honest with you - Affiliate Marketing probably isn't right for you right now. But things change for everyone from time-to-time, so be sure to Bookmark Our Site and reconsider it from time to time...

On the other hand, if you're ready to start your road to Affiliate Marketing Success using the AIIP system, we've provided a step-by-step guide to help you get started. On our site you'll find a complete guide to working this system, including the tools and resources that may help you become more successful marketing this opportunity and other affiliate programs in general. You may even qualify for a FREE copy of our web site, with YOUR affiliate links already embedded in it for you! On that note, click through now and let us show you...

How To Start Making Money With Affiliate Programs >>>

Hope you enjoyed the article, and that you'll stop by and read the full report - it's chock full of free Internet marketing tools, tips & resources to help you successfully promote your Affiliate marketing programs & help you get started making more money online!

All the best,

Doug Champigny.


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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Starting to Build Your Opt-In List

Hi, Folks!

Wow! The response to our GetResponse offer was great - glad to see so many of our readers 'get' how important it is to build your own opt-in list! Teri & I spent most of the weekend just sending out the bonuses to everyone who joined & then e-mailed us!

The bonus for the free signups has finished, but we're extending the offer for the free bonuses with your paid GetResponsePro signup through our link...

The bonuses:
10 Steps to a Google-Friendly Page
RSS Publishing Made Easy!

The link to sign up for your GetResponsePro account:

OK... Let's get you started building your opt-in list, shall we? You've already uploaded the Jimmy D. Brown e-course to your GetResponsePro autoresponder, right? The one you got here:
Jimmy D. Brown's 'Making Offers - Making Money' 6-part e-course.

Next, you need an incentive to encourage visitors to your site to opt-in, and nothing works better than a free e-book! Use one you have full distribution rights to already, or download this one to use:
30 Days To Internet Marketing Success

So now use your favorite editor & build your signup page, offering them the free e-book when they subscribe. Log into your GetResponsePro account and use the HTML Form page to automatically generate the form part, then upload the finished page to your site.

(If you don't yet have a site, register a domain name at GoDaddy and then sign up for a hosting account at Host4Profit)

Make sure you also add the offer to EVERY page on your existing site as well, preferably in the top-right corner of each page, if your design allows. For maximum effect, add a pop-up to your home page with the offer as well - think what you will, but they work - and work well!

Make sure your pop-up won't be blocked by WinXP or a toolbar - use a program like FloatInWindows Generator to create one that uses Java or DHTML to avoid that problem. We use The FloatInWindows Generator and there's a sample right there on that page to show how they work...

So with your code in place and the popup working your home page, the opt-ins will start coming in - slowly at first - but they will come. Next week we'll look at ways to speed up the process and get your list-building efforts into high gear!

Be well, be happy and enjoy your life... Remember you can comment on this issue if you like, using the link from the 'comments' below. Have a super week!

All the best...

Doug Champigny

PS: Still struggling with your rankings? Don't forget to pick up your copy of '10 Steps to a Google-Friendly Web Page' and follow along step-by-step as the videos show you how to do it!
Click Here Now To Download Your Video E-Book!

Make sure you remember to use these techniques on your new opt-in list signup page as well, OK?

P.P.S: Don't forget to sign up for our 'Building Downlines' e-course for free if you haven't already...
Building Downlines E-Course Registration Page


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