Sunday, April 23, 2006

Absolute AdSense - Time's Running Out!

As I write this, you only have 36 hours left to
get in on the best AdSense event to come along so far:

Also, you only have til Friday to pick up the
3 additional AdSense resources from:

Now, You may be wondering why I'm being so
heavy in pushing these opportunities to you, right?
The main reason is that AdSense represents the
single easiest way to end up getting residuals each
month from truly set-and-forget web sites.

Think about it this way...

If you're already moving and grooving online, have
a few virtual empires going, it's an easy way to bump
up your returns a bit - for almost no outlay of time
or money.

But what if you're a newbie? Then this is a chance
for you to get going, without having to build your
own sites, without needing a list of your own, without
having to learn very much at all. It's all ready for
you if you grab the bundle from:

How easy or hard is it for you to do?

That depends on you - and what you want from it.
Maybe you just want to expand some things you've
already got going online. Then download your bundle,
unzip the sites, and choose just those pages that go
along with your existing site's content. Use them and
either disard the rest or save them til they go with
one of your future sites.

Or maybe you want to make a major splash for
your entrance into the AdSense world... Unzip the
files and pick 6 categories. Choose 2 or 3 sites for
each category and bundle them into one site for
each of the ctegories you've chosen, so you end
up with 6 sites covering about 18 of the ones
you downloaded.

At GoDaddy you can get 6 URLs for about fifty
bucks, and at this site:

you can book the room you need to upload and run
all 6 for about twenty bucks a month...

Imagine that - for about a hundred bucks you could
go the whole full-blown route - get both the Adsense Sites
and the 3 Adsense resources, have 6 different URLs
covering 18 different areas, and a place to host them -
your own AdSense empire, right from the start. Use a
blog and Google Sitemap to get them into the directories
and engines, and you're on your way.

So start by grabbing these two while they're still
there - even if you don't have the time to enable them
right now, you'll have them to putter around with when
you do have the time:

No matter which route you take, you're building
your future, one step at a time. And isn't that why
we're all doing this?

Helping you succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - Remember - until Tomorrow night you can still
get over 100 AdSense sites ready to use for less
than 30 bucks from:

But that's only til Tomorrow night - so don't miss out.
To truly maximize your own AdSense efforts, download
both today while you can get it all for less than
thirty-five bucks:

To your success... DC.


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