Monday, May 29, 2006

Hosting, Autoresponders & Affiliate Programs

Hi, There!

Did you have a look at the two AdSense
products that are at
this week? One helps you build Adsense sites
quickly and easily, the other is a video
tutorial on how to do better with Adsense.

Now, whenever I talk AdSense to people, one
of the most common questions I get is '
should I host these AdSense sites?

Well, that's an easy question to answer,
at least...

Best Web Site Hosting Deals

You see, there's no doubt in my mind that most
marketers, especially those looking to build
AdSense sites or those new to Internet marketing,
Niche marketing or Affiliate marketing, will
get the best deal on hosting web sites from

The Ultimate Marketing Center

Currently Teri & I use four hosts - 3 others plus
two at UMC. If we weren't happy with any of them
we'd move those sites - so why recommend Kavi's site?

Here's what you get:

• 500MB of space to host your sites;
• 20GB of Transfer (Bandwidth) each month;
• Up to 5 Add-On Domains, meaning you can host
6 different URLs on the one account!

Pretty impressive, eh? But that's not the half
of it - you also get:

• Unlimited Professional Autoresponders, and
• A fully-functional Affiliate Program Manager!

That's right - you can put 6 different sites there,
run all your e-courses, notification lists and e-zines
or newsletters through that account, AND set up your
own affiliate program to let others sell your products
for you too!

And believe me - the affiliate program alone is worth
more that the cost - it's the same one Teri & I use
for our affiliates. It tracks the sales, notifies the
affiliates when they make a sale, and provides me with
detailed reports on how each is doing and how much to
pay each each month!

Sounds quite expensive though, doesn't it? All those
features, and the best customer service I've ever

received online, all in one account? Well guess what -
it's the least expensive of all the hosts we use! You
get everything above for just $20 a month!

Now you know why we recommend UMC to anyone

just getting started, or to anyone who's about to upload
multiple sites! Go ahead - check it out now and see all
the other stuff I haven't even mentioned here:

Web Site Hosting & A Lot More...

In the near future I'll tell you a bit more about some of
the other hosting and autoresponders we use in our daily
business - but for now, make sure you get your account set
up at UMC, ok?

Helping you succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - Oh yeah - don't forget to stop by and download
your two Adsense Resources from

They're only there til Friday night and

will be replaced Saturday with new
products, so don't miss out!

Enjoy, DC.

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