Sunday, March 09, 2008

Online Video...

Wow, did we get hit with the storm yesterday - well over a foot of snow and drifts up over cars in the parking lot... Hope your weekend is going better than ours! Canada is a great country to live in, other than during the winter...

The sites have been flooded with downloads this weekend, with people grabbing the 3 e-books on using online video from and the incredibly powerful list building tools from

In one easy download from , you can become an expert at using online video just by reading the 3 e-books on the topic - while there's a little bit of overlap, each covers info not in the others. Til now, one of the problems you faced was not being able to get the whole story for any source - by bundling these 3 together, we've given you the complete solution - and as long as you act now, you can get all 3 in one bundle for just seven bucks.

Like always, you're also getting salespages and MRR to all 3 - you can put any one, two or all 3 online on your own site(s), and just one download of any of the 3 puts you right back into the black.

But like all 108 bundles that have been on the site so far, it's only there for one week - next weekend it disappears from the site, to resurface at a higher rate elsewhere on our online properties. So to get all 3, and the complete knowledge base they contain, for just seven bucks, download them now from

Helping you Make 2008 GREAT!

Doug Champigny

P.S. - Well, we're off to dig out the car - unfortunately my attempt to photograph the snow drift around it and clone out the snow doesn't seem to have helped in the physical world, so we have to find our shovel now. :( But while we do, be sure to get your bundle downloaded from - you'll definitely have more fun with it than I will with the shovel... ;)

Helping you succeed... DC.

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