Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Free Internet Marketing Tools...

Welcome Back!

There's a lot going on online this week, so I
want to give you a bit of a 'heads-up' from an
old hands' 'been-there-done-that' perspective...

One Internet Marketing giveaway has been going
since Monday, and two more launch today (Thursday).
These can be a major help to you - or they
can mess you up completely. Here's what I mean...

Typically, if this is your first year participating
in the Christmas giveaways, you'd rush to each one,
sign up for them all, and download hundreds of gifts.

Then next month you'd stare at them in utter confusion,
paralyzed by the amount of new products and the
enormity of the new info sitting on your drive...

But that's not the worst of it - suddenly your inbox
is flooded every day with the 50 - 100 new e-zines you
now belong to, a result of the downloads. In frustration,
you delete them all and most of what you downloaded, or
just leave the new products to take up room on your drive.

Three rules for the Internet Marketing Giveaways:

Rule #1: Not everything is worth downloading, even
if it's 'free'. You see, they aren't - these gifts are yours
for getting on their list - that's why you're getting
these free.

Rule #2: You're getting more new products this week
and this month than probably ever before. You need
to take a good look at every gift and decide whether
you really want it -

* Will you use it?

* Does the info seem timely, or outdated?

* Is it Info you need right now or in the near future?

* If for resale, do you have the time, knowledge and
resources to get it online right away?

* Is it worth getting another e-zine to download this
product right now?

Rule #3: Stay Organized! Right-click on your desktop
and choose 'New' then 'Folder'. Call it 'To Go Thru'.
Then, each time you go to download a gift, choose
'Desktop => To Go Thru' as the place to save it to.

Then, when this is all over, you can go through
them one by one, read them, take action on them,
and move them to a more appropriate place. When
the desktop folder is empty, you've dealt with
them all - simply delete the folder!

If you follow those three rules, you should benefit
greatly from these Internet marketing giveaways,
and end up ahead of most other participants. Most
of these Christmas gifts ARE ones you want - after
all, even we JV partners download a goodly number
of the other gifts each year.

So, if you swear you'll follow the rules above,
and treat this as part of your online biz instead
of like a kid at Christmas ripping through
everything, let's proceed:

This one's on now - get your gifts:

These launch this week - register now:

Now - go get your free Internet Marketing gifts!

To your success...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

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