Thursday, September 09, 2010

Use Internet Marketing to Protect Your Family's Standard Of Living

Internet marketing has established itself as a viable profession, with tens or hundreds of thousands of people using Internet marketing as a source of full-time or part-time income. Now there is a new use that affects millions more people, especially in North America – using Internet marketing to protect your (and your family’s) future.

There is an old Chinese curse that goes ‘May you live in interesting times’. And these are interesting times indeed. According to the Economist magazine, “The jobless recovery, long prophesied, is here”. The article goes on to point out that the US is still losing over 1,000 jobs per week, in spite of the economic indicators showing the recession ended over a year ago.

The truth is, huge wage gains achieved by the unions in the 1970′s raised the standard of living measurably in North America, but also priced labour much higher than in much of the world. Add in the far-right government policies and the unbridled greed of the big international corporations, and you have a situation where as many jobs have been outsourced overseas as possible. This gives big business a lower cost per unit while still using the richer North American markets as their sales base.

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