Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Get Great Content For No Net Cost!

Welcome Back!

How's is everything today? With Monday having been
a national holiday in Canada, we spent the day with our
friends Peter & Deb Kruusi for Peter's birthday.
You'll like Peter - he's going to let me give you some
free long-distance calling next month!

Anyway, they took us and showed us 2 local waterfalls
we didn't know of, and a great pond setting, all perfect for
Teri's model shoots. Coupled with shooting Emily on Sunday
at Merritt Island and Niagara-on-the-Lake, it was a perfect
weekend - the company of friends, relaxing days with the
creative juices flowing freely, and new discoveries to
enhance one of our businesses...

The great part about this online marketing you're getting into?
Each time we got back home our inbox showed us more money
we'd made - through sales from our sites, affiliate earnings from
some of the plans we promote, residual earnings from renewals
by folks we had referred to membership sites, and money we'd
earned from new signups at BryanWinters' new content site.

That's exactly WHY you should be reading this blog -
to learn how to build your own online collection
of money-making resources - resources that continue
to earn you money while you're busy enjoyingYOUR life
as YOU see fit. So let's get on to the infoI promised you on
the weekend - how to turn the new site:
into a no-net-cost resource that can help you build your
active and passive income streams over time.

For a quick review for those who haven't joined yet,
InfoGoRound is a site where you can download a ton
of articles on up to 40 different topics, list yourself as
author, change to suit you as you like, and then use in
e-courses, e-zines, on sites, in blogs, e-books, etc. All
the content you want for one small monthly fee - $25.

The simplest way to get all this for free is to write and
submit an article a month - provided the article meets
the requirements laid out on the site. Being a stand-up guy,
Bryan lays out the requirements for you to see BEFORE
you join - hit the 'Cash for Content' link on the top of
the page at

So your one article a month gets you access to
hundreds of others for free! 100 to 1 - not bad odds, I'd say!

But maybe you want to make money with the content,
not just get free content for your e-zine and blog. That's
where the second method comes in. This one takes longer
to recoup, but may just provide you with some of that
residual income we all love so much. AND it can be
used in conjunction with either of the other two methods
in this article.

Are you already a member of the Google AdSense program?
If not, get in there now - it's free to join. OK - so to start, sign up
InfoGoRound and choose the area or topic you want to use
first. Get your copy of each article on that topic and save them
to a new folder on your computer. Create a new page template
or use one of your existing ones, and add your Google code in the
right-hand column. Put in your meta-tags and save the file.

Now take each article in turn, and use the template to
create a new page for that article. Bold the heading, format
the copy as you like, and viola! You have another content
page to draw traffic to your site and to your Google income
potential. Once you've done say 10 articles, create an index
page that points to them all and upload it all to your site or
to a new site, if you like.

If you can't build web pages, use 123 WysiWyg
If you don't have a h.ost or your site is full, use A1

Link to your new info from your existing site AND from
your Blog. (Remember, your blog is still the fastest way
to get new pages indexed by the search engines - if you haven't
set up your free blog yet use my free tutorial to set
it up for free today -

Over time you should be able to drive enough traffic to
those pages to cover your costs automatically, and maybe
even start to see some positive cashflow from them as well.
Be sure you have some links on every page to other pages
on your site and to affiliate programs you promote. That
way you have doubled your chances of making money
from that traffic.

And speaking of affiliate programs, that's the 3rd way
to cover your costs from the program. Bryan has set up an
unusual affiliate system here - the system will change
over time, but I'm not going to try and point out all of
the features here - read about it on the site:


As I write this it is this simple - refer 3 people to the
site who join, and YOUR cost is more than covered for as
long as they stay members. If you've ever promoted Bryan's
PushButtonPublishing or PushButtonHealth, you'll
know his copy converts well, and people always get great
value for their money so they tend to hang around longer -
meaning more months before you have to replace them to
keep it all free - truly no-net-cost and quite possibly
income earning!

There you have it - 3 ways to use this great
new site with no-net-cost! There really is no
reason to miss out on this one...

See you in a couple of days!
All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - POWER USERS' TIP => Combine all 3 of these tips
into your action plan. Take one full day, or 3 consecutive
evenings and follow these five steps:

1) Join the site, then choose the category you want to
start with. Read through the articles already there &
then write one in that style to submit to them. That
takes care of the first month's cost.

2) Join the affiliate program and get your links.

3) Use your template with the Google AdSense code and
create a page for each article. At the bottom of each
article put something like this:

"This article was created using content from
InfoGoRound. Get your own content from {link}."

4) At the bottom of each page put ads for your products,
services or affiliate programs - and don't forget a signup
form for your e-zine, if you don't use a popup for it.

5) Promote, promote, promote - drive traffic to these
pages and watch your sales and income grow
as time goes on!

Then, each month get the new materials, submit another
article, upload the new pages and update your site map. You'll
be the proud owner of a large content site a year from now,
one with the potential to add to the lifestyle you want!

Enjoy! -DC


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