Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Free Tools For You!

Welcome Back!

Hope all goes well! Many, many new people have
started checking our Marketing Domination Blog
in the last couple of weeks, so let's welcome them to
the best-informed bunch online!

If you're one of our new readers, you'll love this post;
if you've been visiting here for a while it'll be a great review...

You see, we all need some great tools in our arsenal
to really excel in our online biz, but funds are often limited.
So today, here's a bunch of free pro-level tools to
help you out:

Blogging Info:

This free e-book I wrote will show you how to
set up a blog for free, and how to use it to get
more traffic from the search engines....

Affiliate Marketing Info:

There's more info on this free site than in any e-book
on the topic that I've ever come across...

Opt-In Maximizer:

Here's a free lead-capture system that includes the
sign up page, download page and two free incentives to
build your list with:

List Building Services:

We use each of these, and suggest you do the same to get
your message out to as many people as possible. As I said, we
use them so you know they're first rate all the way...

There you go - a ton of free ways to put your online
biz into high gear... Just remember you got them all
for free from...

Your friend in the biz,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - An extra bonus just for reading this far... Here's a
free one-year Silver membership to a
GREAT download site:

Use the special code: Doug's Friend

Enjoy! - DC.

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