Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Great Affiliate Marketing...

Welcome Back!

As you probably already know, our huge
Sweetheart Of A Deal event
launches tomorrow - 40 Current, Mid- & High-Ticket
resources for Internet Marketers, affiliate marketers,
niche marketers & those involved in web audio &
web video. You get all 40 for less than $100 til Sunday,
when the price jumps.

Today, though, I want to talk about Affiliate Marketing...
In preparation for our big sale, our affiliates have been
sending out notices to their lists. Some, though, do more
with it than others...

For example,
Tuks Engineer has put together a $97 package
of bonuses those on his list get when they use his link to get
the package. The result? His subscribers can't possibly lose,
since they get their money's worth just from Tuks. He's in
good company - October's Top Affiliate
Mike Steup & November's
Top Affiliate
Ken Reno have each done the same in previous
competitions, helping them take the monthly title. Naturally
Tuks got an e-mail out early to warn his list it was coming, and
is poised to send out his next one as soon as the event launches.

Another prime technique comes to us from
Hodges Hines,
a great marketer & fantastic writer. Hodges knows that a Super
Affiliate must differentiate himself from the rest of the pack when
promoting these big events - so many people send out the prepared
materials it's easy to get lost in the crush.

With his permission, I'd like to show you just how creative Hodges
is... Here's just one of three pre-launch e-mails he sent out this week:

Subject: Surgical Precision of Doctors, Doug & Teri.

With the surgical precision of a highly skilled
and highly paid neurological surgical team this
husband and wife duo has come together to offer
you a precision package of high class, newly
created group of Master Resale Rights.

I talked to Doug Champigny last night and almost
made the promise of not telling you about this
again before Thursday but you are my "crew" and
I want you to go to,

The Internet Marketing Resource Center

and see the collosal package of products and
memberships that they have put together. At

The Sweetheart Of A Deal Event

you will find products that are brand new and not
being sold anywhere else except by the product
creators themselves. What surgical precision!

But here is what I really want to tell you. I am
now a part of this surgical marketing team that
is headed by "Drs. Doug and Teri Champigny".

Starting Thursday you are going to be bombarded
with offers to buy and purchase through other
marketers but DON'T do it. If you purchase through
my link I am going to give you a new "facelift"
and a "cosmetic makeover" package that will cause
all the other "marketing surgeons" to re-think
their "puny offers". I will tell you Thursday!

12 days, 40 resources and 3 thousand dollars of
valuable first-run resources but please don't wait
because in one week the price is going to jump by
$150.00 because the skills and resources of the
"dynamic surgical duo", Doug and Teri Champigny,
are in high demand and like all excellent teams
the higher the demand, the higher the cost.

So clear your cookies and go get signed up for your
reminder on Thursday and save the link and on that
day, Thursday, your year may become the start of the
best year yet to financial success with surgical

"Believe that you can and you will". --Hodges Hines

God Bless,

Now, obviously Teri & I aren't doctors, but Hodges is using
literary license to make fitting analogies, and to intrigue the
minds of his readers - no wonder I love reading his e-zine!

If you are promoting an event like this at any time as an
affiliate or for your own online business, it's important to
remind your readers each day of the event - especially at
first. Two to three advance notices, an e-mail on each of the
first 3 or 4 days, then maybe every 2nd or 3rd day til the
end of the event.

This does not mean you're pestering your list - not everyone
will receive every note; not all will be motivated by the same
appeal; and each day some will be too busy or distracted to
read even your precious prose.

If your offer is as high-end and cutting edge as our
Sweetheart of a Deal Sale, each e-mail you send
will bring new orders, both for you and your affiliates.

Now, I have to get ready for the launch... Have a super day!

Helping you succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - If you need great tools and resources for your own
online business, be sure to check out the incredible
savings in our
Sweetheart of a Deal Sale. Just the
web audio and web video products are worth far more
than you'll pay for the whole bundle during the sale!

Enjoy! DC

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