Thursday, December 20, 2007

3 Important Reminders...

Well, it looks like Welland will have a green Christmas after all - all that snow we got last weekend is half gone already, and we're expecting rain & 48F (9C) by Sunday, so that should get rid of the rest of it - we see enough snow on Christmas cards for Teri & I... Oh, and a big Thank You to all who sent us Christmas cards again this year - we're honoured to be part of your 'Christmas family'!

And with the big day just 5 days away, we know how hectic life is becoming for you and the rest of our online family, so I wanted to get this reminder to you in case you missed any of these three...

The 'Install Your Own Scripts' videos - we all need to use the odd script online, and it's nice to have these great step-by-step How-to videos on hand when the need arises. They'll be on the site long-term, but we agreed to let the first 100 to download these to get them for just five bucks. Seventy-Six are gone, so 24 remain (those will be gone before the weekend) - after that the outlay more than triples. If you don't have them yet, scoot over to our Videos Page and get yours now!

Second up is the bundle. As always these are only there til Saturday morning, when they're replaced by new downloads. If you want to pick up sites already built and online for you, read these two e-books first so you know what to do - and what not to do - when picking up existing sites. Download both these great e-books from for just seven bucks now!

And last but definitely not least, be sure you have your gifts from The Start The Year Right Giveaway - you can use the time after Christmas to read them and get some of these online in time for the start of 2008. Since we all want you to have your best year yet in '08, we're bringing you all these gifts in time to Start The Year Right!

Helping you Make 2008 GREAT...

Doug Champigny
Doug Champigny's Internet Marketing Blog

PS - If you've already been to download your gifts from The Free Giveaway Site be sure to go back to the download page for the new gifts - Barry Richardson, Dan B. Cauthron & Sharlene Raven have all added gifts that weren't there on day one - so stop back and get them today, ok?

To your success... DC.

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