Saturday, February 09, 2008

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Using Articles Effectively

Wow, it's a busy week out there - Ground Hog Day and
the Chinese New Year were both Saturday, yesterday the
biggest football game of the year, tomorrow is Mardi Gras
and Carnivale, and this coming weekend is the Daytona race.
Each is a big event, and each it's own niche online...

And that's how easy it can be to find a niche - and why
there are thousands of them out there waiting for people to
jump on. Picking the best ones and researching them is time
consuming and repetitive, which is probably why people are
jumping onto even faster
than they did with Niche PLR. NichePLR filled 100 spots
in 5 days, EAP is at 102 in just 3 days - good thing there's
still 198 positions left open, because it gives you time to
get in too!

Since the site delivers 50 articles per month, 25 in
each of 2 niches, it's only natural that some of the new
people to get into the site have written asking the best
way to use the articles. So let's take a quick look at
the best ways to do that...

The simplest and quickest way to use them is to use
the Article Site Kit -
to make a site - it makes each page unique by adding some
snippets & links from the other articles, automatically
adds your Adsense and Amazon ads, builds your navigation
and even creates a sitemap for you.

A good result, obviously, but not necessarily the best
one. Another plan is to use 15 of the articles that way,
and use the other ten to populate a blog on the same site.
Build the 15-page site and put it online, then use your
cPanel's Fantastico to install a WP blog. If you're not
sure how to do that, watch the video on it I did for you
at 5 Minute Blog Setups. Add
one article to your blog each day, or every other day,
and be sure to use after every
posting to let the directories know.

Why is that better? Your blog has allowed you to take
advantage of the Web 2.0 style of sites, getting links to
your new site from the blog directories. This gets you a
few more visitors, and can help the major engines find and
index your sites faster.

To add even more draw to the site, add a 'videos' folder
to the site, and use the Instant Video Site Generator from to add a
few pages of related videos as well. Again this helps draw
more people to the site over time, and helps make the site
more unique again.

To really max out your effect with each niche site, use
10 of the articles on the site, add the videos, put 10 of
the articles onto your blog, one every 2 or 3 days, and
put the remaining 5 articles into your e-zine for the site.
First though, check at for related
products from ClickBank & PDC, and at if
there's nothing at the first two. Grab your affil links &
some related copy from those sites...

Naturally, start by putting those links on your article
pages, video pages and blog postings, then set up your
e-zine with an article the first two days, a push for one
of the affil products on day 3, and article or 4, an affil
product on day 5, etc. On the last day, split the e-mail
between the two products. This gives you a total of 9
issues in the e-zine, so space them out to two a week for
a month, or once aweek for two months. Remember to invite
them back to visit your site again in the PS of each of
the article issues.

Finally, pick a couple of articles from your site, a
couple from your blog and one from your e-zine and re-write
them, saving each as a new .txt file. Add your Author's
Resource Box to the bottom of each with a link back to
the site, and spend a day making the rounds and dropping
them off at the article directories. This brings more
visitors, helps the engines find your site to index, and
can even boost your PageRank.

You must admit, that's a lot of power, especially since
we've brought you both generators and your first 50 articles
for under a hundred bucks, with only 5 bucks a month that
is ongoing, to enable you to build 2 more sites a month!

Helping You Make 2008 GREAT...

Doug Champigny,

PS - Remember, it all starts with being one of the next
198 people to lock in your monthly articles from
Easy Articles Pro . Add in the generators:
Article Sites Kit Pro and
Instant Video Sites In A Box and
you're well armed for the online battle, with a steady
supply of ammunition - now go on out and win your battle!

To your success... DC.

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