Friday, May 06, 2005

Video E-Books and Mothers' Day Resources...

Welcome Back!

How's it going today? Just a very quick note today - Teri
and I have to drive a couple of hundred miles to pick up our
daughter in Toronto and our son in Barrie, then bring them
back to Welland for Mothers' Day Weekend, then take them back
home Sunday night.

Wish Dawn, our daughter in Calgary, could be with us for it
too, but a big Happy Mothers' Day to her and to all the Moms
in our online family as well!

Squeezed into all this, Teri has a shoot for Bikini International
today as well, so it's really going to be hectic. Looks like another
busy summer for ChampignyPhotography!


So let's get right to it... First, remember that you've
only got til midnight Saturday to save over 90% on the
whole package at

There's no package with better value for your buck right
now, but it'll be gone by Mothers' Day... Get the stuff now,
and use what you learned through the Affiliate Marketing
Special Report and Secrets of the Super Bloggers to start
reselling these hot products right away...


Need a last-minute gift for your Mom, wife, sister or
daughter for Mothers' Day? If time's of the essence, you
can simply download one or more of the Crafts e-books from and e-mail it to them, put
it on disk or CD for them, or print it out and have your local
Staples bind it instantly into a book for you to give. A truly
unique gift they'll love, and especially usefull if distance is
keeping you apart this year...

For a bigger package of those same e-books, use our site instead...

And to finish off the Mothers' Day help to you, remember

you can send free e-cards to anyone online for any reason
from our Cyber-Surfer cardshop. Send your free Mothers' Day
cards instantly from:


That's it for Today, Friend! I'll be offline til
Monday now, focusing on pampering Teri for Mothers' Day.
Just before she died in 2000, my Mom officially turned the
reins over to Teri, who has more or less kept me in line ever since...

And as a SuperMom, Teri spent 26 years with a child under 16 in
the house - and escaped with her sanity intact and her capacity
to love undiminished. So to Teri, the most incredible and loving
human being I've ever met, a Very, Very Happy Mothers' Day -
you certainly deserve it, Doll!

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the Moms, and a super weekend
to you, friend, and to all in our online family. See you next week!

All the best,

Doug Champigny

PS - Remember - you get the 4 video e-books and 4 great
bonuses all in one - but the offer is only good til Saturday
night, and the entire offer disappears by Sunday!

Don't miss this one - it won't be repeated!

Enjoy! -DC


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Monday, May 02, 2005

Marketing Videos & Bonuses Rising In Value!

Say Thanks to Ray!

You see, you and I and all the other members of our online

'family' owe a vote of thanks to Ray Hatton. Ray is one of
your brothers in our ever-expanding 'family', and he wrote
to me on the weekend to point out 2 problems with the
8 Day Sale that's on right now.

The first was that I had forgotten to give you the special code
for the SureFireWealth bonus. Mea culpa, and I apologize
profusely! If you've already grabbed your bundle, go back to
the download page and you'll find the necessary code phrase
listed there now...

The second was that the link for the ISOResources part wasn't
working. Strange, it was on Friday! But guess what? They've
changed the package, added three new memberships in with it,
and raised the value from $12.95 to $26 a month - making that
part of the budle now worth $312 a year!

Again, if you've already got your bundle and that link didn't work
for you, log back in and grab it now!

So why should you thank Ray if you haven't been there yet?
First, because the value just went up by $155, while the price
didn't. And because I decided to put the price increase off til
Tuesday at Midnight, instead of Monday - meaning you get an
extra 24 hours to grab it at the lowest price ever!

That's right - til Tuesday, May 3rd at midnight EST, you get
the entire bundle - a ton of stuff - for 93% off the usual online retail
pricing. But at 12.01 a.m. on Wednesday, the price will rise by 27% -
still a great deal, but not as good as it is right now at

If you haven't been to see it yet, you really must - not because of
the massive savings, not because of all the resale rights you get
with it, but simply because we can all benefit from at least some
of the 71 training videos in the package. At this price, it's worth it
without the bonuses, even if you never intend to resell it - any two of
the video e-books would cost you more than the whole bundle does
right now.

Remember, each of these videos shows you step-by-step how to
succeed in the subject covered, and each subject is a vital component
of your online success.

So all together now - Thanks Ray! You 'da Man!

All the best,

Doug Champigny
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS: Remember, Friend - You get all 71 how-to videos in the
4 Louis Allport e-books, plus the spinning popups software
and the Guerrilla Marketing set - All 3 Volumes! -and the
two memberships - now encompassing 5 sites - and if it's still
Monday or Tuesday here, it's all yours for less than $40...

Wednesday, it won't be that cheap... Sunday it won't exist.

Please - don't miss out - it's important that EVERYONE
reading this blog succeeds online...

Enjoy! - DC

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