Thursday, September 07, 2006

Video & Audio For YOUR site?

Today I want to talk to you about your own web sites,
and whether you've started using audio and video yet...

No doubt as you surf the net you've noticed that audio
and video are popping up all over, and heading toward
becoming the norm online. Over the next year or two it'll
get to the point that sites without either will seem
archaic, and people will be able to tell new sites from
old ones instantly - like running into the sites with
garish colours and flashing text do today.

So have you started using them yet? If you've been
reading these posts for any length of time you may already
know we have more info on it, and a bundle of tools you
need to be able to do both on our site at:

Internet Audio Video

The IAVPro tool bundle is available here:

Add Video and Audio To Your Site Today!

By grabbing the full set of tools, it's easy to do
both audio & screen-capture videos and add
them to your sites.

But if you just want to get the audio portion started for
now, Gary Ambrose has released a new program called
Impact Web Audio that goes a step further. Instead of
just using it to record your message, you can also set it
to music by putting one of the included loops under your
voice - even have it fade as you start talking and ramp
back up as you finish - all with point-and-click ease.

Before adding it to the IAV site, though, we decided to
give you a break for picking it up right now and put it at - but just til Friday. By Saturday it'll be
removed from there and put into the IAV site - though not
as part of the bundle. If the Impact Web Audio sounds
interesting, scroll down to the second product and
look at the screen shots:

Great Software For Less!

Either way, using the IAVPro bundle or just the
Impact program, you'll be able to quickly and easily
add audio to your sites beginning today...

There is another way to do it as well - by getting
pre-made audio to put on your sites. Not quite
the same thing since it's not really customized for
your specific site, but at least it helps you APPEAR
to be on the cutting edge still.

For example, Mike Steup runs the Niche Audio Club,
where you get resell rights to audio e-books people can
download from your site. This is a great idea, since it's
easy for people to put them on their iPod or onto a CD
they can listen to at home, in the car, etc. You can
find out more about the club at

Mike Steup's Niche Audio Club

We've been members there since day one, and absolutely
love it... So we were excited this week when Mike followed
it up with another site called Niche Audio Articles:

PLR Articles with AUDIO!

These are perfect right now, especially with more and
more people putting up articles for Adsense and in support
of their existing products. You see, each month you get
200 new articles but 100 of them come in audio format
too! Think of how impressed your visitors will be when they
can read your articles, listen to them, or read along to them!
Nothing archaic there!

So choose your level, and get into the next generation
of the net by adding audio and/or video to your sites and
product offerings now - keep your sites from looking old
before their time!

Helping you succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - If you're serious about your online efforts and
want to keep adding new sites to your virtual empire,
then you need the IAVPro bundle at least:

Pro Web Site Audio & Video Tools

If you just want to dabble with audio first, then
there will never be a more opportune time - because
right now you can get Impact Web Audio for
less here:

Save On Internet Marketing Resources!

And then get into Niche Audio Articles for ten
bucks a month less by going through:

Mike Steup's Niche Audio Articles

Enjoy! DC.

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