Monday, April 20, 2009

Fastest Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing Is With Videos...

It's Monday - time to shake off the weekend, jump up and shape what your week is going to look like! We had a great weekend - got out blading for the first time in about 3 years, and Teri had her first bass guitar lesson!

If you were doing a lot offline over the weekend too, you may have missed the two training video packages that we told our lists about...

Saturday was about the Twitter Effect videos we have for you on our Road To Twitter Success website. If you've been following our updates about our new CaptnAffilate account at Twitter, you know it's the fastest way to get your message out to new people these days... So if you're not right up to speed wth it, be sure to watch these videos as a start!

Sunday we talked about something very near and dear to our hearts - affiliate marketing! While we create and put out a lot more products than most do, we still make a lot from our affiliate efforts - and it sure is nice to see that commissions roll in almost every day from the different active and passive streams we use to promote other people's products...

How about you - making what you want to from your own affiliate marketing efforts? If not, then these 12 Affiliate Marketing training videos and the transcript were made with you in mind. Choosing which products, the processes involved, using article marketing, PPC, boosting conversions, going viral - it's all covered in this video introduction to the affiliate marketing process. Grab your copy of these videos now!

Empowering YOU To Dominate 2009...

Visit these blogs for more help:

Captain Affiliate's Affiliate Marketing Training Blog
Internet Marketing with Doug Champigny

PS - If you're already up to speed with your affiliate marketing, use these free brandable e-books to build some additional passive income streams!

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