Monday, March 09, 2009

Using Private Label Rights Effectively

Private Label Rights are the most valuable form of rights you can get to products short of creating your own products for sale online. Did you get your 20 Free Products with Unrestricted PLR Rights from the FreePLR Giveaway? As I write this, the event closes in 6 hours, so unless you can get there by midinght eastern on March 9th, you'll have to wait for Round 7 in August.

Be that as it may, you probably already have have PLR e-books, PLR articles, maybe even PLR audios and PLR videos just sitting on your hard driv collecting cyber-dust, right? Of course you do - After all, reading the Marketing Domination blog shows you're either involved in or considering Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing or some related area of making money online work-at-home business, right?

So of course you've been collecting PLR resources, waiting for the time when you know how to best monetize them - that is, how to make money online using these powerful resources, and branding yourself worldwide with them. While I've created a number of resources that teach just that, from the free PLR Masters E-Course to the paid PLR Tutorial Videos and the Using PLR Videos training package, a lot of people still don't really 'get' how to use Private Label Rights effectively, how to build their opt-in lists with them, or how to make the most money from them.

Today I authored a long blog post laying out many of the steps required to really optimize your results from using PLR resources, too long a post to repeat here, so go to my Internet Marketing blog to read it - Make Money With Free PLR Rights

See you there...

Doug Champigny,

PS - A new Affiliate Marketing blog worth following: Captain Affiliate's Affiliate Marketing advice


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