Monday, August 04, 2008

Making Big Money Online...

Hope your week is off to a great start! Today I want to
talk to you about a subject near and dear to all our hearts:
where the big money is being made online...

I can hear people now - in the niches, in your lists,
in membership sites, in mainstream Internet Marketing,
in PLR, in blogs...

If any of those was your first guess, you're right -
well, half-right, anyway. Yes, no matter which of those
you guessed. Because the people making the really big
money are doing it behind the scenes - and behind every
one of those types of sites and products.

So how is it done? Let me give you a hint - for the
last few months I've been passing this link on to people
who've grabbed some of our products -
Go ahead and check it out - it's a free pass to some great
affiliate marketing tools designed to help you make more
money online.

Thing is, there are so many great ways to make more
using that site, a lot of people then upgrade to higher
levels - and we make affiliate commissions every time someone does!
Yes, without blogging it, or pushing it to our lists,
or even writing articles about it, we've raked in a
steady 3 - 4 figure monthly return just from this one
site by giving away something that's free.

Or what about Alex's great new
Expert WordPress, at - it's a great
program at a super-low price, but it's even better for
those who take the OTO and get the Platinum level - so
40% have upgraded from the OTO. Between the two, we've
made 4-figures from that one in the last 5 days!

Or take that we launched with
our partner Tim Brechbill - I still think that's the most
powerful free service for any affiliate - and again, the
upgraded level does even better for affiliates. So again
we've made thousands from those upgrades.

Are you seeing the pattern here? Are you 'getting'
where the big money is being made online? It's not the
upfront products, which are often low or no outlay - it's
the process you encounter once you're past that point.
The backend system of OTO's, upsells, add-ons, coaching,
etc. Your front-end product should be 20% of your focus,
while that backend system can bring you 80% of the money,
and once it's in place and automated you can focus just
on getting more new people into the system.

To help you get started with it, pick up my e-book
Beautiful Backends - it details how you too
can be making money online - big money - by harnessing
the power of OTO's and other back-end offers.

Empowering YOU & Helping You Make 2008 GREAT...

Doug Champigny
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PS - Stop leaving so much money just lying on the table!
Beautiful Backends now and start
grabbing your share of the big money!

Helping you succeed... DC.


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