Sunday, November 26, 2006

Help With List Building...

In a week it'll be December. Wow - where has '06
gone? Hopefully, when you look back to a year ago
now you can see a steady progression to your online
biz. Your lists, and the returns from it, should be
much larger now - is it/are they?

So today let's start on making sure a year from
now you're proud of the growth your efforts have
brought you. And it will be YOUR efforts - no one
else can make it all happen for you - we can only
give advice, tell you what has helped us. The rest
is up to YOU - your efforts, your discipline. But
that's a good thing - means no one else can hold
you back, either! Keep my motto in mind -

'If Its To Be, Its Up To Me!'

The path to your online goals starts with learning
what you can about the biz, coupled with building your
own lists. And this time of year is the best time for
list building, thanks to the big Christmas giveaways.

If your lists total 1,000 or more people already, get
in as a contributor to both of these:

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway
30 Days of Christmas Giveaway

You have to hurry - both launch in about a week.

That's great - but what if your list isn't over 1,000 yet?
How can these help you? Let's take a look:

1) Get signed up at Mark's 12 Days site anyway:

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

You see, even if you don't have enough members to
be a contributor, you can still get an affil link
& boost your returns by sending those you do have
to the site - and help those on your list by giving
them 78 great gifts for zero outlay.

2) Enable your list-building efforts for 2007:

By getting on the announcement list for both sites
right now, today, you ensure you'll be able to get
over 200 gifts between the two giveaways. But this
time don't just let them gather cyber-dust on your
machine - check the rights on each as soon as you're
done downloading them, and separate the ones with
giveaway rights into a separate folder. Then each
]month give 3 or 4 of them away on a single page to
]those getting themselves onto your list.

Use a simple squeeze page that says, in effect:

"Get these four great resources for Free when
you agree to receive our e-zine each week!"

3) Use the online list-builders. Once your squeeze page
is ready, send a notice of it out to your lists at
YourLuckyList, TheListMachine, ListExplode & ListDotCom.
Use the gifts to bring people from there to your own
in-house list. Remember, you can pick up a page to help
build your lists at those services from here:

Free List-Building Tool

4) Try to set up smaller JVs to build your lists so that
you have enough people to qualify for future giveaways.
Both of this week's resources at:

are about the use of JVs, and one is specific to setting
up small JVs with other people for just this purpose.
Grab them, print them out and read both - you want that
knowledge, especially while you can get both for just

Seven Bucks

5) Get some of our FREE List-Building Tools helping
you to build your biz faster:

No one gives you more free tools to build your
lists, so be sure you use them - since there's zero
outlay, you should already have them online...


And don't be upset if you're not able to qualify as
a contributor this year - just set your mind to making
sure it's the last time you can't. There are a lot more
big giveaways each year, like our FreePLR - Round
Two is in February, and you can get on the
announcement list at:

Free PLR Pre-Notification List

Then there's Brad's big Easter Giveaway each year,
and a number of others of all sizes. But most important,
be sure to get your Joint Venture guides from:

and get at least a couple of your own list-building JVs
going for you in early '07 - the sooner you get serious
about building your lists, the sooner you'll see serious
returns from it!

Helping you succeed in 2006 and beyond...

Doug Champigny

PS - You'll need space online to put your gifts,
your JVs, your list-builders, etc, and there's no
better plan than the Lifetime Hosting plan.
Xavier tells us he's putting the rate up in
December, though it will still be the best way
to go - but then it'll set you back more - lock in
your 6GB of space with a single low one-time
outlay right now! Full info is available here:

Lifetime Web Hosting Special

To your success... DC.

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