Thursday, December 07, 2006

Free Internet Marketing Gifts

Free Internet Marketing Gifts abound in the big
Christmas giveaways online - Got Your Free Gifts Yet?

As happens every December, there are a number of
big giveaways going on right now. Be sure to browse
through each one, and only download those Free
Internet Marketing Resources that you feel can
help you right now with one or more of your online
learning tasks, or that you want to put online or give
to your lists, if the rights permit it...


Remember - If you need more online space to host
these new resources, you want the one-time low
outlay of the Lifetime Hosting Plan, not ongoing
monthly payments you have to make. See what we mean:

Best Web Site Hosting Program


The biggest of them all is Mark's 12 Days of Christmas.
It's the only one that does almost as well as our
FreePLR event, so you KNOW it's a great event with
fantastic gifts. Since today is their 'Fourth Day of
', there's nine new gifts first available
there today.

Three of them are from personal friends of ours,
Tuks Engineer, Denise Hall & Chris Lockwood, so
you can be sure these are great new gifts! Go ahead
and download them now, then come back for more, ok?

Get Your '12 Days of Christmas' Free Gifts

OK - Got those? Now scoot on over and grab the gifts
you want from these two as well:

Get Your '30 Days of Christmas' Free Gifts

Download Your Free Gifts from the Happy Holidays event

Wow - that's a lot of free gifts, isn't it? :)

There's more to come from those as the month unwinds,
and there's another one launching tomorrow. If you didn't
get my link to it yesterday, get on the launch list now:

Get Your Free Blogging Gifts


For the donors in these giveaways, the main purpose
is to introduce yourself to others as a valuable source
of information and help in their online endeavors. For
example, our gifts have gone live in two of them so far,
and another 1,000 people have joined our online family
and downloaded the gifts we've provided. Our gifts go
live at the next two today and tomorrow...

Did you get to add your gifts? We sent out advance
notice of these so you could, but many people didn't
have a big enough list to participate. If that includes
you, it's time to remedy that right now. Here's the
best info available right now on building your lists,
from the 'Master List Builder' himself:

Joel Christopher's Master List Building

If, on the other hand, you've started your list
but just didn't have a product ready for the giveaways,
don't despair - there's one more biggie coming up in
about 10 days. Get your gift ready and watch for my
post - I'll let you know the details as soon as i get
them, ok?

Helping you succeed in 2006 and beyond...

Doug Champigny
Search the 30+ sites in the Champigny Web!

PS - Did you get your powerful blogging resource,
Building A Blog Empire? How about the video E-Book
on Product Creation Secrets? Both are still available
for just Seven Bucks, but just til tomorrow night:

Great Resources for Just $7!

To your success... DC.

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