Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Health & Fitness Niche Site...


Welcome Back!

How's is everything today? Are you a week closer to
getting what you want online? Sure hope so - and that
you and your loved ones are all happy, healthy and loving
every cherished day as time marches on...

Before going into today's issue, 2 quick points about last
week's note... It seems I misunderstood the affiliate
program for InfoGoRound - your commissions for
referals are not residual - right now anyway - it's a
one-time payment for each person that joins
through your link.

On the plus side though, a select few (about 500)
joining the site right now will get one white-label product
a month for the first few months, starting right away.
This means a bonus product each month that you can add
your name and links to and then compile into an e-book
to sell. Just one more good way to make money online!

Join InfoGoRound Now!

For today, I want to show you an example of what I've
been recommending for the last few weeks. Many marketers
send you sales letters each week, but you know instinctively
that they're just passing along info supplied by the
affiliate program managers.

Hopefully by now you know that Teri & I not only talk the
talk, but we also walk the walk of Internet Marketing.
When we recommend you buy a product, you know
we've bought it too. When we suggest resale rights, you
see the item for sale on our sites. When we recommend
a program or membership, you see us there in the
members' area. The tricks and tips we send are those
we've used on our own sites, passed along to help you
make more money online...

We're not kids or Internet 'newbies' - we're professionals
with a solid background in advertising and marketing, and
the proof is out there in the sites we own online. And our
newest, our 15th site, just launched this morning.
Teri's Health Shop is a niche site we've put together
using EXACTLY the resources we've talked about recently -
InfoGoRound, PushButtonHealth,WeightLossWarriors, etc.

Now please understand, we just started building the site on
Sunday morning, so it's by no means comprehensive or
complete - but there's more than enough there to give you
the idea behind it. We've organized some of the content
provided by those sites into categories and presented them
for public consumption.

The categories cover some of the busiest niches online, and
when the site is up to a certain size it'll be completely
running on auto-pilot - allowing us to have another of our
hands-off recurring income streams for a few years to come.

Where will the income come from? Already you can see the
Google AdSense codes on the site where design permits, and
the affiliate links to the providers of the content - since
it was an interest in these topics that brought them to the
site there's a good chance they'll be interested in the programs
and products of the suppliers, wouldn't you say?

Over the next week or two we'll add another dozen articles,
then put up some of the resell rights e-books we have that
are aimed at those and related niches. The
will be written as we go along, becoming a pre-written
course to those joining this fall and afterwards. It will consist
of a mix of additional articles covering the niches, exerpts
from the e-books for sale on the site and recommendations
for related affiliate sites that both we and the subscribers
can benefit from.

Once it's complete, it can go on producing income almost
indefinitely - in most niches the info is timeless, so it doesn't
matter if it's a year old or five years old - it's still relevant.
Reviewing it and revisiting the e-course in case of affiliate
program changes is just about the only maintenance the
site will need - oh, and cashing the checks, of course! ;)

Take a look at the site now, and browse through a few of
the pages to see how you too can use existing content to add
an automated income stream to your earnings -
remember it's far safer to have five or ten sources bringing in
$500 each on a monthly basis than to have it all coming from
one source. If for any reason one suddenly stops, you're not
left in the lurch, scrambling to replace it before the bills pile
up too high... Enjoy the new site - and think of starting your
own like
Teri's Health Shop today!

Please have a super week and I'll talk to you in a few days!

All the best,

Doug Champigny
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - You'll see a button on the bottom right of most pages
for the Ultimate Marketing Center. This is an amazing
new service by Kavi Kodai that includes hosting for up to
5 of your niche sites, unlimited autoresponders, your
own affiliate program handling, built-in ad tracking
and more for under $20 a month. You'll find out about it here:
The Ultimate Marketing Center

And yes - that's where
Teri's Health Shop is hosted! ;)



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