Thursday, March 24, 2005

Super Bloggers Bundle A Hit!

Welcome Back!

How's everything going today? A Very Happy Easter
to you if you celebrate it - it's made for a short week here,
so everything's crazy here today...

The Power Users Quick-Start Guide to Becoming a Super Blogger!
Secrets of the Super Bloggers

Are a hit! If you ever doubted the power of an e-zine and
a blog working together, you've seen it live this week.

Remember, the sites haven't been live for a full week yet,
but we've sold a dozen copies of the big
Secrets of the Super
bundle and had over 300 people download the

On Tuesday the site registered in the
Top 1% at Alexa (37,494) and the
site made the Top 2% at 77,201. Only an opt-in list coupled with
some forum postings can get a site that busy 3 days after launch -
or that profitable - for free!

Over the past month I've given you all the info you need
to start and build your own opt-in list, and now you have
all the info you need to get your blog going too. In fact,
those that downloaded the
FREE REPORT over the
weekend should have already posted two or three (or more)
items in their blog by now.

If you've set up your blog already, add another posting today
and then ping the directories again - it'll only take minutes to
do. If you don't have anything to post, you could always
promote the blogging sites for us! ;)

If you haven't yet started your blog, use the extra time you
have over this long weekend to get it started. Remember,
everything you need to know to get it done in
less than
3 hours
is in the free report at

If you've set up your blog using the info in the report and
now want to migrate it to your own site for
additional search
engine visibility
, the info on how to do it is in some of the
14 e-books in the package at

Also, if you're using the free report to build your own
opt-in e-mail list, be sure to use the free page I gave you for
it - 300 new signups from it this week shows it works well!

To maximize your return from it, stop by
And pick up the branding rights as well. On that page you'll
see a list of the 20 links inside the report that you can change
to contain your links - that way anyone downloading the
report from you may potentially be a source of revenue
or traffic down the road.

So for once it's not a case of guessing whether something
works or not - you've seen the process right from the start,
and watched as numerous people downloaded the free report,
a dozen got the Big Blogging Bundle and the first few picked
up the branding rights - all in 6 days.

But remember, only 25 people will ever get the
Secrets of
the Super Bloggers bundle
at the current $67 - and 12 are
gone already. After just 13 more, it's $87 for the next 25,
then $97 forever. So save the $20 or $30 and get yours now,
before the first 25 are all gone!

And get over to
The List Machine, whether you've already been
there or not. If you've got an account there, go send your e-mail.
If you haven't set it up yet, get in there now - it's simply the
fastest, most powerful way to get your list started for free.

Well, I'm off for the Easter thing with Teri & our families,
although it looks more like Christmas here with 6 inches of
snow last night - supposed to melt by tomorrow, but feel
sorry for us anyway, ok? Teri & I hate winter - at least the
parts below 20C (68F). Oh well, 2 more months & we'll be
blading & laying on the beach again... Can't wait!

All the best,
Doug Champigny

PS - If you're celebrating Easter or have friends who do,
remember to send them free online Easter cards from
our cardshop:

See you in a few days... DC.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Power of Blogs & E-zines...

Welcome back!

Hope you're doing just great today, Friend, and that you
had a fun-filled and profitable weekend! We sure did - and
I think you already know why!

On Saturday morning we launched two new related sites - and

The first is a free report you can download that tells you how
to be online and blogging within 2 hours, and how to quickly
promote it, all using free tools. The second is the single
largest compilation of e-books and reports on Blogging that
is currently available online - 14 resources in total.

This morning I checked for them at the search engines, and
found they're both listed in MSN - within 48 hours of going
online! How is that possible? Read the
Free Blogging Report -
it's all in there, and I only used the process listed there!

Will keep you updated on how it does with the other engines.
If you haven't gotten the
FREE Blogging Report or set up
your blog yet, hurry up - according to Technorati there are about
30,000 blogs going online a day, so the value of this system will
diminish once the engines get a better grip on them!

Blog Report -

Blogging Bundle -

This info is especially important right now, when we've been
dealing with building your own opt-in mailing list.

The List Machine is Amazing!
You HAVE set up your free account there, right?
There isn't a faster free way to build your list
that I've ever seen! For example, if you get 50
signups, they add another 600 to your list of
people you can contact - refer 100 and you can
e-mail 1,400! How long would it take you to add
1,400 more people to Your opt-in list?
Sign up for FREE here!

Why is it so important, so relevant, right now?
Because right now, today, there's no more powerful combination
in Internet marketing than your own Blog & e-zine! None!

Take the two sites above, for example. They first went online
on Saturday morning. There was no pre-launch, no 'trial' period,
no JV partners, nothing - they just hit the net running!

By posting them to the blog on Saturday and pinging them as
described in the report, both are listed in MSN by this morning.
By announcing them to our list, we've had 162 people download
FREE Blogging Report and over $400 in sales of
massive Blogging Bundle - all in the first
48 hours the sites were online!

That's the power of this one-two punch - of combining blogging
with your e-zine. And if you've been following the blog or reading
our list for the past month, you now know how to do both for free!

(If you're new to our online 'family', the info is archived on this
site - see the links at the top-right. Or you can simply grab the
free report at It comes with a
page you can use to give away the report and build your own
opt-in e-mail list while you do! If you don't already have an
autoresponder account to send your mailings from, you can get a
free one from

By the way - if you haven't read the report yet, let me give you
a little tip. There are 20 different links in the report that either
build credits or affiliate downlines if someone follows them and
signs up. If you're planning on giving the report away to build your
own opt-in list, read the info on
Branding the Blogging Report.

It details how you can brand the report with your own links
to those 20 programs, plus add your name, your site and your
blog to the links in your copy. May as well be giving away links
with your info instead of mine, right?

Next I'll be promoting the sites using the forums and some
e-zine advertising - will let you know how it's going as we go
along... For now get your
FREE Blogging Report or
the whole
Secrets Of The Super Bloggers bundle,
get your blog online, sign up at
The List Machine, and
upload the page giving away your report - branded or not.

The whole process can be done in a day - or two evenings.
But the advantages it delivers will continue to pay off all
year - maybe longer. How can you justify NOT doing it? You
can use the tools I've just laid out to do it all for free; all that's
left is a little effort and action on your part! Don't hold yourself
back - get started on it right now!

Feel free to comment using the icon below this posting... And have
a super week, Super Blogger!

All the best...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

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