Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hidden Sale Project

Jeff Dedrick's Hidden Sales Project took the
Internet Marketing industry by storm this
week, and no wonder - the
Hidden Sales Project
is the first time the average marketer has
had a peek at the 'machinery' the big dogs
use to make double, triple or even quadruple
what others make from the same sort of site.

Hidden Sales refers to all of the systems in
place behind the salespage - all of the 30
or so
Internet millionaires contributing to
the project have shown or talked about the
'backend' sales machines they plus into their
sites, like OTO's, upsells, downsells, add-ons,
e-mail followups, discount codes and more.

Strangely enough, Jeff has priced the Hidden
Sales Project's massive collection of videos
and audios
at only $47 for the first week, so
getting there by Wednesday this week will give
you access to all these
Internet Marketing Gurus'
for less than the cost of a night on the
town - but the difference this knowledge could
make to your ability to make money online is
almost limitless - you should be able to at
least double your sales and opt-ins within
a week or two of learning these steps, just
with your existing sites and traffic levels.

audios and videos in the Hidden Sales
will NOT show you how to get more
traffic to your sites - instead they'll show
you how to sell 2 or 3 times as much to your
current visitors - and we can all use that,
can't we?

When you get to the
Hidden Sales Project,
you'll see that I'm one of the people you
can learn from, as Jeff interviewed me on
the backend sales of the
FreePLR Giveaway, and other projects I either
own or partner in. Yet I was surprised to
find that even I learned a fair bit while
browsing through my preview copy - enough
that I'm going back through it with a fine
-toothed comb in case I missed anything
else that can make me more money online! :)

You'll still be able to get
Jeff Dedrick's
Hidden Sales Project
after Wednesday, allbeit
at a higher price - but no matter what he
finally settles the price at, it will always
be worth it, both because this information is
simply not available anywhere else and very
little out there can have as direct and
amazing an effect on your online earnings.
Be sure to get ahold of this info today:

Helping you succeed online...

Doug Champigny,

PS - Speaking of the
FreePLR giveaway, there's
10 new partners with 10 new gifts, each with
unrestricted PLR rights, being added to the site
today (Sunday), so be sure to pick up your

To your success... DC.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

FreePLR Giveaway Launches!

Want Free Internet Marketing gifts with unrestricted Private Label Rights? You've waited 6 months since Round Two, but Round Three of the FreePLR Giveaway event has launched at!

Get your free gifts from 30 of the best-known Internet Marketers during this two-week event - but hurry, the FreePLR Giveaway Round 3 ends Sept 3rd, and then we close the doors again until early 2008!

Download YOUR Free Gifts with Private Label Rights Now!

Helping you succeed online...

Doug Champigny,
Author, Internet Marketing with Doug Champigny


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