Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PLR Audio E-Books Special

Static websites are starting to die; audio and video are
upping the conversion rates and drawing more of
the available targeted traffic, so it's time to start
pulling in some of that action with your own sites!

In one important way, audio and video are no different
than all your other content and products - the easiest
way to start is by using ready-made audios or videos you
can just plug into your sites.
And if you can get the
PLR rights to it too, so much the better! There's a site
where you can get 3 complete site packages each month,
sites with articles, a squeeze page and report to give
away from it, and an e-book with salespage - and the
audio version of the e-book as well!

In fact, this package is so complete the audio comes
in two versions, a male voice and a female voice
, and
the audios are top quality. We've been happily and
quietly using this site for over half a year now, and
are quite pleased with the quality of the articles,
e-books and audios.

Why quietly? Because in order to make sure the value
stays high, the site is limited to a small number of
downloads, and has not been open to new people for about
5 months now - it's been a closed shop throughout 2007,
in fact. As you can imagine, though, over time these sites
have spaces open up, a few at a time, and now there's
enough room for a few more new people to come in with us
there - so we're inviting you to partake of the same great
resources we've been enjoying all this time.

Oh, don't worry - it'll stay our 'secret weapon' - he's
only allowing a few new people in this time, til he's
back up to the site limit. Then the doors will clang shut
again, this time with you as one of the elite who can
access the site's Niche Marketing goodies each month.

And to make sure he DOES fill back up quickly, he's
giving you your first month's 3-pack for three bucks -
yes, three bucks. That gives you time to check out the
resources, listen to the audios, maybe even put one or
two of them online, before deciding whether to stay
with the elite who get them each month - if not, no
problem. THAT'S how sure he is that you'll love what
you see and hear. Download your first three here:


Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Doug Champigny

PS - For the sake of three bucks, don't miss out on
checking out these powerful resources - there simply isn't
an easier way to get audio on your sites, or a more
powerful way to hit the niches.
Download these first
three and then decide, ok? But do it today - the site
will only be open for two weeks or until the few open
spots fill up, whichever comes first:


To your success... DC.

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