Tuesday, April 19, 2005

HO-LEE COW! Michael Nicholas has done it!

Welcome Back!

Every once in a long while, quiet new releases come along
that have the potential to forever change the face of
Internet marketing, and possibly even the Online World

This week, there's been two. The first is a new site
that intends to take away PayPal's #1 position as the
processor of choice. Now don't misunderstand, for all
you hear about PayPal either way, Teri & I love them -
their services have always been quick and easy for us,
and their service superb.

But one always has to face the fact that giants can fall
hard online, and one can never predict the rise of the
next MS or Google. So when one with potential is launched,
we recommend joining - especially when it's free to go
along for the ride!

Plus, this one has a good affiliate program set up,
and will even seed your account with $25 just for joining
them for free. And free money always has a nice ring
to it, don't you think? Sign on now before the official launch,
get your affiliate link and lock in your free $25 gift from them.

No matter which way it goes, there's no downside.

Use the promo code: secret

Now for the really big news. As many of you know, my
offline background is mostly in advertising, and Teri and I
have been building and promoting web sites for
corporate clients for about 8 years now.

I'm known as a real stickler for making engine-friendly
sites, and do all my coding by hand as a result. I hate
the big design packages - I've spent years 'fixing' the
pages they create for new clients whose site was formerly
handled by the big agencies.

Sure, they look pretty - so what? Design is only about
10% of a web site's success. Think I'm kidding? Think
of how many sites marketers are making a fortune from,
with garish headlines, some bullet points, and a PayPal
button. Where's the design factor there?

Marketing is what your success rests on - the sales copy,
your e-mails, your PayPerClick program, your blog - it's all
in the marketing.

But you can't promote your site 'til you have one, right?
Good or bad, it stills needs to exist. And nothing stops a
would-be marketer, or any other potential site owner,
faster than not knowing how to build a site and not being
able to afford design services.

A couple of weeks back, Michael Nicholas sent me a new
design program to check out. He knew I was pre-disposed to
hate it - especially when he said anyone who could
use Word could build their first page in 10 minutes
or less.

There has never been a design package that built
engine-friendly pages without a steep learning
curve, so I knew he was exagerating...

Then I tried it. And went through the code it produced
with a fine-toothed comb. Then again.

And again.

And again.

The result? Well, you can read my testimonial here:


It really is true - I've never been so impressed with a
new program, or any design program, as I am with this one.
If you can use standard Windows programs like Word, Publisher,
PowerPoint or Acrobat, you can now build your own web pages
in minutes.

Or maybe you have a site someone built for you, and don't
know how to make the tiny changes & updates you want. Just
open the page, make your changes right there onscreen &
save it - done! Have a sales page or lead-capture page you
got with some product? Open it, use the auto feature to add
your signup code, name, etc, then save - it's now that simple.

Perhaps most impressive is the release price. Other design
packages run $500 and more, as I'm sure you know. So to
have this super tool released for under $100 is almost
unbelievable. That's why I waited this long to tell you
about it - to make sure they really were going to release
the software this cheaply.

I sure don't think they'll leave it at that price for long - I
expected it to debut at at least $297 after I tested it.
So get it while it's still $97 at

And yes, you can write and tell me how valuable a tip
this was once you've tried it. Include a link with your
note so I can check out the site you built with it, OK?

Have a super week and enjoy playing with your new
editor. I'll talk to you later in the week, if I don't see you
in the Warriors Forum or the List Machine Forum in
the meantime!

All the best,

Doug Champigny
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS: By the way, there is only 1 copy of the Secrets
of the Super Bloggers bundle left before the price
goes up $30 - Grab that copy now before it's gone.
I always prefer our online 'family' get the best deals...

Enjoy! - DC

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