Monday, April 21, 2008

How To Succeed Online

Internet Marketing is not rocket science - in fact, I would guess the average Grade 10 grad can succeed online with Internet Marketing, if they're shown the right path to follow, and have the motivation, desire and focus to stay with it and persevere til they are successful online!

You see, when it comes to making money online, my coaching & mentoring programs have shown me that people getting into Internet marketing fall into one of three groups, generally.

The vast majority of Internet marketing newbies will pay attention and stick to their plan until something catches their attention. As a result, they experience some Internet marketing success, unless they're following the advice of too many people, in which case they tend to hop around all over the online marketing landscape, spending a lot of money and expending a lot of energy without seeing any real success at any of it. Unfortunate, but true.

The second group of people trying to make money online tend to be a bit older, and have previously achieved success in fields other than marketing in the offline world. They listen politely to their success coach and/or Internet marketing mentor as he or she explains how they became successful online, and what steps the newbie must follow to achieve that first true measure of successful Internet marketing, usually in the affiliate marketing or niche marketing arenas.

They then calmly explain they have no intention of doing it that way, but will do it their own way right from the start. In essence, they intend to bend the entire Internet community to THEIR idea of what should and shouldn't be happening online, instead of realizing that the web is dynamic, growing and totally beyond ANYONE'S control.

If you share their attitudes toward Internet marketing, take my advice and stay in the offline world to make your living. Offline business models usually don't translate well online if they don't originate in the marketing industry, and I have yet to see any of this group, regardless of the amount of help given, make even $100 in their first 6 months, if ever.

Please understand before even venturing out onto the seas of Internet marketing that the web is still in it's infancy, fighting surges within itself, and rolling on forward like a Tsunami, making short work of anyone and anything that gets in the way of it's progress or tries to harness it's path or power. Like any big wave, their are only two methods to deal with it safely - stay out of the water til it passes, or study it, know it, and use experience with smaller waves to build up the expertise to ride the wave in an exhilerating rush, gathering cash all along the way!

One of my personal business heroes is an author who shaped a lot of my early marketing career, Robert Ringer, the most successful self-published business author in history. He likened true to success to a parade, saying that 2% are in the parade, 8% are watching the parade, and the other 90% don't even realize a parade exists. Thirty years later, this could just as easily be said of those in Internet marketing.

And that brings us to the third group, the rarest of the Internet marketing newbies. They're easy to spot - they're the ones who seem to come out of nowhere and suddenly land in the 'successful Internet Marketing circles', not yet big dogs but easily observed to be heading there quickly. If you've been 'playing' at Internet marketing or making a half-hearted effort for some time now, you've probably wondered how they shoot by you so easily...

First, they're smart - they pay attention to what their coach or mentor tells them, and to what they see of that expert's current operation. They're not really interested in how their coach GOT to that lofty position - they intend to skip all the trial & error, all the mistakes and mis-steps their mentor made - and just imitate what actually works!

Secondly, they're inquisitive. They do their best to understand WHY Internet marketing tactics work, why certain strategies pay off big time while others flop. They watch what the big dogs are doing and, rather than following it blindly, ask their coach or mentor why this Internet marketing hotshot or that super-affiliate is doing what they are, and what they're liable to achieve from it. Also, whether it's something they should be incorporating in their own Internet marketing processes.

Thirdly, they're innovative. They take that new-found knowledge and set up systems that will bring in the bucks, all the while looking for ways to improve the systems, to add in additional income streams and, eventually, to eclipse their coach or mentor. And any coach or mentor worth their salt LOVES that, and brags about that person incessantly... ;)

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they stay focussed and ACTIVE. Not content to just maintain the status quo, they're constantly looking to improve their Internet marketing processes, acheive Super-Affiliate status and show up on the JV leaderboards, and are CONSTANTLY building their opt-in lists. You see them running giveaways, networking at the social sites and the live internet marketing events whenever they can, and creating products by interviewing those more successful than themselves, knowing it's a very powerful way to learn from the best while making money at it!

This third group, albeit the smallest fraction of the online world, are still part of today's newbies. But they are tomorrow's Big Dogs - and the next day's Internet marketing superstars, the marketing gurus who pull down millions a year from Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and niche marketing empires others envy so openly. These are tomorrow's versions of the Stephen Pierces, the Marlon Sanders, the Ken MacArthurs, the Joel Comms, the Rich Schefrens, the Liz Tomeys and the Jimmy D Browns who rule the online world today.

So take that immortal advice - 'Know Thyself' - and realize upfront which of the three groups you currently fit into. If it's either of the first two groups, you have a decision to make. Consciously change your attitudes toward making money online in general and Internet marketing in particular, or stick to using the Internet for pleasure use.

If you feel you fall into that third group, or can adapt to the necessary changes to reach that headspace, then I recommend you start following my 'How To Succeed Online' series that started this week. It's not philosophical, it's not theory, it's a down-and-dirty action plan to get you up and running and into the profit zone as quickly as possible in your own Internet marketing and affiliate marketing business.

I truly and honestly hope to see you at the top, and hope to play some small role in helping your meteoric climb to the pinnacles of Internet marketing and the amazing lifestyle we enjoy thanks to our success!

Wishing you the best that life offers,

Doug Champigny,
Internet Marketing Coach, Mentor & Speaker.

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