Friday, July 01, 2005

Major Affiliate Marketing Opportunity!

Welcome Back!

How are you doing today? A big Happy Canada Day to our
fellow Canadians - Canada is 138 years young today...
(So glad to see there's still SOMETHING older than me...) ;)

This is potentially one of the most important posts I've made
for you, so please take the time to read through it all, ok?

Affiliate marketing is a big earner for Teri & I, as you know.

*We're selective in what we promote - if it won't be of
benefit to you and our other readers, we pass on it.

*We use a variety of ways to push each one - blog, e-zine,
web sites, forums, etc.

*When new programs launch, we're often invited in from
the start, either by those identifying us as super-affiliates
or by our JV partners inviting us in.

*We look for opportunities for residual income - either
monthly renewals or a downline.

One of the biggest mistakes we see affiliates make is looking at
the downline potential as a quick and easy way to make money
with very little effort. Until you have a large following of active
sub-affiliates, only 1 in 20 you refer will ever do anything with it.

Another truism is that membership sites are the best to promote,
if they pay residuals. Here, in order, are the affiliate programs
we did best with in the first 6 months of this year (keep in mind that
we are NOT full-time affiliate marketers - the bulk of our time is
spent on our sites, ezines and blog, and the bulk of our online income
is from selling e-books and software) :

4-digit income + in the 6 months:

- PushButtonHealth - not only our top earner, but a
great source of niche products to sell!

- PlugInProfits - works well for us because it encompasses
the affiliate plans for SFI, Empowerism, GetResponse, H4P etc.
Since we make some from each each month, the total makes
this our second-best, mostly thanks to H4P & GR.

3-digit income in the 6 months:

- SureFireWealth - Love this one... Making good income
from showing people a GREAT resource that can really
help them in their efforts online.

- InfoGoRound - No residuals from the affiliate program,
but strong earnings from direct sales, and we built in our own
residuals by using the content for our niche site at Also gives us an outlet
for info products from PBH above. Only a few months old or
it would have been in the category above.

- Jay Abraham - only 6 weeks old, but already in the
triple-digit category...

There are others, but those are the ones most pertinent to you

today. What lesson can you find in this info? Four important issues:

1) PBH, SFI, Empowerism, GR, H4P, SFW and IGR are all
membership or hosting sites - where people pay monthly
or annual fees.

2) Almost all require us to be paid members to access the
affiliate program, so we're constantly re-investing in them
yet there's no net cost since we make more from each
than we pay to each.

3) There's an even split here between Internet Marketing
and Niche Marketing programs - a healthy balance, but we
expect the niche sites to take precendence as we increase our
numberof niche sites online.

4) There is money to be made in affiliate marketing, so
long as you stay with it and understand you have to invest both
time and money to make it work for you. You can't sign up, do a
single mailing and throw up a few banners - you have to work at
it in a planned, ongoing manner, and understand that you won't
likely make your money back 'til you've been persisting at it
for a while.

Naturally, nothing here is a guarantee that you'll make money
from this - if you act like the average new affiliate you'll actually
lose money. Not actively promoting or giving up too soon means
you've lost the money for your memberships. The only guarantee
is that you can't make money from affiliate programs if
you're not in them!

To help you out even more, here's the criteria we use when
deciding whether to get involved in any given one:

- Are the products/Is the membership/Are the services
TRULY of benefit to our target audience?

- Is the potential return high enough? We're going to invest a
lot of time, effort and money, so 10% isn't going to cut it!

- Can we cover our costs QUICKLY, so that it becomes a
no-net-cost income stream ASAP?

- Will we benefit from our own membership in the site, outside
of the affiliate program? Sometimes this is as important to us
as the affiliate program, as it was with PBH, IGR, SFW,
H4P, and GR.

- Is there an obvious way to build a site or write an e-book that
will continue to promote the affiliate plan on a viral basis while
we are working on other items? For example,, and
e-books like 30 Days to Success all push our affiliate links without
regular demands on our time.

Whew - that's a lot of info on affil marketing, isn't it? There's more
solid info there than in most e-books you can buy on the subject,
and you've seen all of it evolve in real time if you've been on our
lists for 6 months or more...

As you read back through it, you'll see that you can copy each of the
steps through your own efforts - except one. Did you catch it as you
read through this the first time? Here it is again:

* When new programs launch, we're often invited in from the
start, either by those identifying us as super-affiliates or
by our JV partners inviting us in.

Unfortunately, this takes time to achieve - a track record of
successful affiliate sales, a list of a certain size, wide exposure
online, instant name recognition within the community, a
reputation for honest, valuable information, and enough joint
ventures to have established a lot of contacts with the 'big dogs'.

Usually, that is. Sometimes, just as in the offline world, it's
who you know that gives you that first hand up or gets
you past those sticking points. Riding on the coat-tails of
already-successful people is not only ethical, it's almost
a necessity at times.

So, do you know any 'big dogs' that can help you out?
Oh yes you do - isn't that why you're reading this? To
get help in your online efforts from a couple who already
have that status? Well, here's one more 'helping hand' from
Teri & I, meant just for you and our other readers...

You see, there's a new membership site launching - the
pre-launch is on the 7th, but you have til the 14th to
promote it before the owner starts his campaign. You
actually have 2 weeks to start pushing this one before
it officially gets going...

Yes, the products will be helpful to you in your own biz. In fact,
get in there and get the jump on the public even if you never
intend to join the affiliate program.

Is there a residual way to promote it? Yes - and we'll give you
some ways to do that once you're in the affiliate program. Since
it's a members-only affiliate plan, there won't be 10's of
thousands of people competing with you - which is
also important.

Is the potential return high enough? YES! How's 70% of first tier
and 10% of second? Now you see why this is a major new
opportunity - your annual membership fee is more than
covered by just referring 2 people - in fact, you'd already
have a 40% profit by then, and have access to all that
the site offers!

Even if you've never promoted an affiliate program, can you
find 2 people to join? If so, you'd already have your fee back
and still have access for the rest of the year. But if you had
10 or 15 join, and even 2 or 3 of them pushed it too, you'd be
on your way as an affiliate marketer!

Right now, get into this one before it officially launches, and
get in right under Teri & I so that we can take the time to
help you with it:

Enjoy your day - if you've hit that link and signed up, you've
just made it a great day for yourself!

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - Keep in mind that this site will let you download a ton of
niche products with resell rights, plus Internet marketing
resources for your own use, all for one annual payment. If
you've been waiting for the right one, it's about to launch here:

PPS - Remember, this is a MAJOR opportunity - you could have
the products online AND m.embers in your downline before the
official launch even happens...

Enjoy! -DC


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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Underground E-Mail Marketing


Welcome Back!

How are you doing today? Still hot & humid here in
Welland, so you know all's well with Teri & I... I can't
believe 2005 is half over already - wow!

Have you been working to secure a better future for
yourself and your loved ones? You've received a lot of
info, tips and tricks here and on our sites - but have
you taken the action to put it to use for you?

Since most of North America is preparing for a long weekend
(Friday in Canada, Monday in the US), I'll be brief here. I want
to send you a sort of '6-month update' over the weekend to help
you guage your progress and set your goals for the next 6 months,
but I'll do that over the weekend. For today, two items are on tap...

The first depends entirely on your schedule today. I mentioned
Tuesday that another Jay Abraham call was coming, and it's today -
but note the unusual time: It's happeningat 2pm Eastern (11am
Pacific). Full details are at

Jay Abraham Teleseminar

Read through the page, even if you can't make the call.
We can all learn a lot from Jay - I know I intend to!

The second item is a new report by the name of the
Underground E-Mail Marketing report. It's by
George Katsoudas, one of Greece's top 2 Internet Marketers
and one of the nicest guys you could meet online.

In this 50-page PDF, George has crammed in the info on
how to build massive lists and how to make sure they're
responsive to you. It's inexpensive and the perfect
resource to print out and read over the weekend.

Underground E-Mail Marketing

Remember - the first 6 months of 2005 are history - the
remaining 6 months are opportunity. To achieve the same
results in the next 6 months, put in the same effort. To go
above that level and rise above that benchmark, focus and
put in the time and effort needed to get the rewards
you so richly deserve!

Grab a copy of George's report, make Jay's call if you can,
and enjoy the people and world around you. Teri & I will
talk to you over the weekend!

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - The money online is in your list. You know that.
So grab Underground E-Mail Marketing and improve
your results with it!

Underground E-Mail Marketing

Enjoy! -DC

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Step-By-Step Google Sitemaps Guide


Welcome Back!

How is everything today, Friend? Hope everything is
going really well for you and yours! This posting is a little
earlier than usual, so it - hopefully - won't get lost in the
deluge you'll get today launching new stuff.

I don't want you to miss out on that either, so if it's
of interest to you, you'll find the new stuff here:

ArticleAnnouncer Launch: Use articles to build your
inbound links and get yourself better known too! Go ahead
& hit the link, then minimize the page to read after you're
finished reading the important info below.

Jay Abraham teleconference: Jay's looking to help build
your biz again, and there's a big teleconference later this week -
I'll send you the info tomorrow, so don't sweat that one either...

OK - now to the reason for today's post. We all want to
get more traffic to our sites to produce more sales
and signups, right? What are the 4 best free ways to
do it? Using your Blog, sending out articles to webmasters,
using your opt-in lists, and strong SEO techniques.

I've given you a ton of info on building your opt-in lists
lately, and as for blogs - heck, I wrote the book! ;) The
ArticleAnnouncer link above will get you everything you
need to syndicate your articles and build your inbound
links - so that leaves strong SEO techniques...

In Becoming a Super Blogger, I showed you how to use
Blog & Ping to get into MSN and Yahoo! quickly, but what
about Google? Well, Google's just given us a new way to
get in there as well, again using RSS & pings.

You may have seen a bunch of hype about Google Sitemaps
in the last few days, with expensive software to help you
build yours... Forget it! I'm about to show you and the rest
of our readers how to create yours for free!

You'll have to read it on our site, though, as the coding would
never stand up on a blog...

Don't miss this one - it's the best way to get every page
on your site into Google - using the system they designed
just for this... See you there!

That's it for today. Teri & I are off to the opening of Welland's
new City Hall, then it's back in the trenches working on the upcoming
Niche & Membership sites for you... Please have a super day and I'll
talk to you tomorrow!

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - If you STILL haven't found your way to these three,
take a minute and go now:

Enjoy! -DC

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