Friday, April 08, 2005

Impressing the 'Super Blogger Guy'...

Welcome Back!

An interesting phenomenon has occured recently - I seem
to have become the human embodiment of my latest product!

Unless you first came online today or have been on an island with
no electricity, you're probably aware that I recently released the
biggest collection of Blogging Information available online,
The Secrets Of The Super Bloggers.

Headlining the package and also available as a separate free
download was my own report,
The Power Users' Quick-Start
Guide To Becoming A Super Blogger

Being probably the best information available for starting up
marketing blogs, blogs for business, personal blogs,
gardening blogs, blogs for dogs or even adult blogs, it's
no wonder both the bundle and the report took off and are
showing no signs of slowing down...

Just 3 weeks after launch there are at least a half-dozen Internet
gurus exercising the
Resell Rights to the bundle, offering it for sale
from their own sites, and more and more people are realizing the
power of the free report and offering the free download from their
sites and blogs...

And the smartest of those are buying the branding rights to the
report, turning 20 of the links inside into potential long-term
income generators for themselves! (Obviously I'm happy either
way - they give away my version and I make the money from the
links, or I make the money from them branding the report and
then they keep any residuals.)

So now it's happened - I've been branded. No, I don't mean that my
name, Blogging bundle and report are flowing all over the world,
though that's certainly true as well. I mean me personally!

I had seen references to myself as 'that Super Blogger Guy', which
is better than what I'm often called around here ;), but this week I've
actually been 'confronted' with it! While in the forums at
The List Machine,
someone replied to one of my posts with 'Hey - you're that
Super Blogger!' or some such.

Hmmm... Not a bad thing... Funny, though - especially since I've been in
marketing almost 30 years, web design & promotion for the last 9,
etc., and now I'm an 'Overnight Success'! ;)

OK, so now I'm the Super Blogger - but that must make Allen Says
the Ultimate Blogger! Why?

I show you how to get your blog online and how to make money
with blogs. Allen's taken it along another path - he's come up with a
way for you to make money from the whole blogging phenomenon -
without having your own blog!

Think about that for a minute - that's like driving to California without
a car, or getting paid without going to work. He does the work, and
YOU make money. And it doesn't cost you a cent to get involved!

Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn't it? So did the
Internet Warriors when
Allen launched that, or the idea of a Hosting company that actually pays
you - til Allen launched
Host4Profit. Love him on not, you have to admit
that Allen has made as much money for people online as any other
marketer out there, bar none!

So when he came out with his new report,
Private Posts Vol. I, naturally
I bought it and devoured it. As I expected, it's great - and I'll use some
of the tactics in there to make even more money this year. But the
e-book was for sale on his
Instant Guru Blog, so of course I had to check
it out, right?

After all, there are only 3 people online who I want to read EVERYTHING
from - Jimmy D. Brown,
Bryan Winters and Allen. And this was a blog -
I mean I just HAD to devour it!

No disappointment there, let me tell you - check it out for yourself and
you'll read a ton of great info. Then sign up for the blog's affiliate program.

WHAT??? An affiliate program for a free blog? A percentage of nothing
is still nothing, no matter how generous the percentage, right?

Well, my friend, that's where Allen's particular genius comes into play.
Sign up for the program, enter your affiliate links and then go back to
the blog using your affiliate link. Everything looks the same, right?

Now put your cursor over the links - check out how many now have
YOUR affiliate links on them! When people arrive there through
your affiliate link, most of the links on the site will have your links,
meaning YOU make the commissions from those sales!

So did that impress the Super Blogger Guy?

Bingo - you're profiting from blogging without ever having blogged!
Make the
Instant Guru Blog YOUR money-making blog now! And if you
have a blog of your own already - link to it now!


Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Your Opt-In List is Waiting For You...

Welcome Back!

If you have been trying to market any type of business opportunity, MLM,
or Internet Marketing product online for any length of time then you know
the importance of having your own 'opt-in list' of prospects to send your
offers to. You have also read and heard the 'gurus' telling you to build your
own opt-in list by using such tested marketing methods like writing and
submitting articles, ad swaps, placing Solo Ads etc...

Here's a better idea for you: My good friend Gary Baker has developed a service
that is simply incredible. Yep if you go over to
Gary's site you will see what I am
talking about...

Gary has set up an absolute 'no-brainer' for all of you loyal readers. You can

now have your very own opt-in list of 5,000 fresh, up-to-date, business
opportunity prospects in 48 hours or less... Guaranteed! PLUS, Gary even
shows you his PROVEN method on how to set up and use your new list for
maximum profits and results!

This is great! Instead of taking months, years and a small fortune to build up

an opt-in list you can now have one pre-made for you and at a fraction of the
time and cost. Believe me folks, Gary has really done a great job here and is
offering an incredible opportunity.

Hey don't just take my word for it, check out what master Internet Marketer and
good friend Len Thurmond has to say about Garys' new list building service...

Just a quick note to tell you how much I LOVE your New Co-Reg Service!
As you know, I've been a BIG promoter of using Co-Reg for some time now,
to build your list quickly. But unfortunately, not all Co-Reg Lists are created
equal! There are a lot of them out there that just aren't worth the effort!

Your system consistently produces INCREDIBLY Responsive lists, and I highly
recommend your service to Anyone who is looking to build a large, responsive
list quickly! I don't know how you managed to make yours so much better than
everyone else's, but congratulations, and keep up the good work! I know I'll be
buying another list very soon!

Len Thurmond,
Editor of
The Affiliate Review

Oh, by the way...

After a bit of serious "arm bending" I also got Gary to give you an
"subscriber-only" bonus
. He gave me the okay to give away 7 copies of his
entire and very popular Home Based Wealth System to the first 7 loyal
subscribers who grab one of his proven opt-in lists.

This excellent package usually sells for $47.00 at
BUT you get it for ZERO. PLUS, Gary is going to give a free copy of his
awesome teleseminar where Master Internet Marketer Willie Crawford
interviews him on ALL his secret co-reg list building methods he uses to
earn thousands of dollars every single month. This also comes with a printable
PDF file so you take it with you. A total value of $77.00 but you get it for free!

This is the real deal folks. If you ever wanted to get a HUGE edge on your
Internet business then I suggest you head on over to
Gary's site right now
and let Gary set you up with one or two of his quality lists now!

Tell him "Doug" sent you ;o)

To Your Success,

Doug Champigny
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - I hope you take this very seriously and give this
one a go. You will NOT find a better offer on the 'Net.
Grab YOUR list now!

Enjoy! -DC

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Professional Photography update...

Hi, Folks!

Most of you already know Teri & I are also professional photographers,
and that we STILL haven't had time to update our
Champigny Photography
site since our move to the Niagara Falls area.

The good news is that Teri had time to update our portfolios in our
Models & Photographers Showcase - you can see Teri's updated
Professional Photography portfolio here, then check out my
professional photography portfolio.

Don't forget to check out our
Models Showcase with over 125 fitness,
swimwear and lingerie models to choose from throughout North America.

Hoping to get some great new location shots this year! Welland has a
river, a canal and a recreational waterway, Niagara Falls and
Niagara-on-the-Lake are each just minutes away, and we're close to both
Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, so we look forward to working with both
Canadian and American (upstate New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio) models
this summer to get some more great fitness, swimwear, lingerie &
glamour shots - let us know if you'd like to shoot with us!

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Extreme Marketing - Over The Top Works Again!


Anyone who knows me will tell you I never do anything half-way;
it's always either 210% or nothing - no in between. While a lot
of people see this as a personality flaw, being 'Mr. Extreme'
has provided for a very interesting first 50 years on this planet!

So I have to take my hat off to possibly the most
extreme marketing team
online today - Joe Vitale & Jason Mangrum.
On the off-chance you've never heard of these Marketing Marvels,
check them out at &

Today this dynamic duo have taken on Harry Potter - here's the word,
straight from the press release:

Author Picks Fight With Harry Potter -- and Wins!
#2 Bestseller Uses Internet in New Ways to Sell Books

The Texas author of numerous books is using a wild EBay auction, online allies, and a truckload of bonuses to, as he says, "chase Harry Potter up a tree."

Joe Vitale's latest book "
The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy
Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) From the Inside Out
" hit #2 at Amazon and #2 at Barnes and Noble today.

The latest Potter book -- still unreleased -- is #1.

"I've bumped Trump, and Da Vinci, and I'm going after Potter," announced the author.

His method has been grassroots and inexpensive:

First: He made an offer few could refuse. Go to and you'll see a list of 23 bonuses -- "ethical bribes," Vitale calls them -- for anyone who buys his book today. This encourages sales in one day. Many people are buying hundreds of copies to support the author.

Second: He has used allies to win the war. Vitale contacted owners of large lists and asked them to do a mailing for him. Most agreed, knowing it would be good publicity for them to be involved in Vitale's one-man underground campaign to sell books.

Third: Friends of his posted a creative auction on EBay to sell two million books in one week. Whether he does it or not will have to be seen. See the listing at

"I'm one guy and a computer going up against a fictional character with a media empire behind him," said Vitale. "Everyone said I don't stand a chance. But look - I'm already #2."

Will he dethrone the Potter king?

Vitale, who is a magician in his spare time, waves his magic wand and says, "Harry Potter oblivio."

"I have more tricks in my Internet bag," says Vitale.

"Just watch my e-smoke."


They're selling two million copies for as low as
$3.75 per book, or you can pick up a copy or two right now (plus over 23 exclusive bonuses valued well over $1,000) at:

Well, whaddya think, folks? Kinda overqualifies for over-the-top, eh? This kind of genius is only ever created with the synergy of great minds working together - each a genius in their field, combining their talents and efforts for the success of them both.

Will he hit #1? IT DOESN"T MATTER! Oh, of course it'll matter to them on a personal level, but no matter how you slice it, they've sold thousands of books in one day, and achieved more towards branding each of them separately than most 'gurus' can in a year. And they've added a new chapter to the books on how to market bricks & mortar products through promoting them online!

My hat's off to Joe & Jason - hope they DO get the record they so richly deserve - if only for expanding our minds as to what we can do with this magnificent tool of ours! Way to go, guys!

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - Even if you don't appreciate the methods, you CAN benefit from
reading the book - pick up The Attractor Factor today!

PPS - I've left the links exposed on this post on purpose, just so you can see I'm not using affiliate links for this. I make nothing from the sales - I just truly want to pay homage to this brilliant effort - and see my readers benefit from reading the book!

Enjoy! DC.

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Multiply your List-Building Efforts!

Hello Again!

Hope you're doing just great today, friend! We're into
April now, and the temp is supposed to be above 60F
this week - the first Welland's seen those numbers since
last October! Can't wait for the 80's!

OK - By now you've gotten your autoresponders set up
GetReponse, loaded them up with Jimmy D. Brown's
and/or the e-zine that came with your PlugIn Profits site,
and are driving opt-in signups to it through all the sources
we've talked about here, including giving away the free
Super Bloggers Report from the page I gave you there,

If you've done all (or most) of what I've recommended,
your list will be growing by about 15 - 50 names a week.
If you already have a busy site or used a lead-capture page
like the one at
The Affiliate Marketing Special Report
it may even be growing by 100 a week for you...

But even at that speed, it'll take a year to get to 5,000
names, without allowing for the inevitable attrition! Don't
despair, though - there are ways to pick up more subscribers
in chunks at a time. Through Joint Ventures I've added as
many as a thousand in a week, and our
Becoming A Super Blogger
e-book has added another 574 names in the last 2 weeks alone.
When coupled with our other sources, that's 1,000 more
than 2 weeks ago!

It's true, though - not everyone has an e-book to write
at any given time, and big JV's are hard to come by when
your list is still small. But don't lose hope - everyone started
with that first subscriber and built their opt-in list from
there, one way or another...

About a month ago I recommended you consider buying some
leads through your
GetResponse Account because they were
co-registration leads, or co-reg for short.

Co-reg is a simple system - someone with a busier site
puts YOUR subscription form on a page, often with theirs
and a few others, and you get some of the visitors signing
up specifically to your list. Generic leads aren't worth the
electrons it takes to record them, but those who've joined
YOUR list are gold - the same as those who've joined
right from your site or blog.

Most co-reg leads come from one of two sources - a lead
'broker' who specializes strictly in building lists for
people, or from JV's with other publishers. You can, and
should, consider using both types...

Buying leads from a co-reg dealer is a simple matter if
you know of a reliable source - you place your order &
they mount a campaign to get you your leads. In most
cases they can fill your order quickly. Remember that
these people usually have dozens or even hudreds of
campaigns running, and use some money from each to do
that much more advertising, so they have access to
promotional budgets you and I can only dream about. ..

Co-reg JV's are just as valid, but take longer to get you your
leads. In this scenario, you might partner up with 4 - 6 other
publishers, and you all display a form with each other's e-zines
advertised on it. When people subscribe to Bob's list, some will
check off yours too; Some of your new opt-ins will want Jane's
e-zine, and some of Jane's will pick your and Bob's e-zine too.

Since you're starting off small, none of you will have a lot of traffic
to expose the offers to, but collectively it's a much better number.
With 6 or 8 partners involved it can potentially double your rate
of opt-ins, and there's no expense to any of you except the time
it takes to put it together and implement it across the sites.

Later this week I'll post info on the most reputable independant
co-reg list-builder I know of, so that you can boost your opt-in
list by 5 or 10 thousand at a time if you have the budget for it.

It's worth it even if you have to stretch a bit to do it - maybe set
your budget so that you can place an order every other month, or
once every 3 months. Even doing it quarterly will add another
20,000 names in the next year alone. And by that time those
20,000 will be helping to pay for the new ones!

As well, I'll introduce you to some new software for setting up
exactly the type of list-building JV's I described above -
software that will produce the multi-ezine forms you need to
put it all in place. Far from expensive, it should pay for itself
within the first 3 or 4 months if you put a little effort into it.

You CAN set these up without the software if you know the
HTML needed, but the program makes it so simple there's
no reason to bother with it...

So hang on to your pennies, wring a little more out of the
budget and I'll talk to you later in the week, ok? Have a
super few days and be sure to spend some quality time
with your loved ones, the ones you're doing all this for, right?

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS: If you haven't gotten your copy of
Secrets Of The Super Bloggers yet,
scoot over and get it now - only 7 copies are left
at the introductory price as I write this. Remember,
if you're not one of those 7, the price will be $20 - $30
higher by the time you get there!
Head on over now & review the whole bundle:

Enjoy! - DC


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