Thursday, May 12, 2005

Getting Started Online - Part II


Welcome Back!

How's it going today? All is well for Teri & I - we
both got our hair cut short yesterday for the summer, so
of course it's cold here today... It's the same ritual for me
every year - get the hair cut short because of all the blading,
swimming & jet skiing through the summer, then let it get
long and put the beard back on for winter. Can't wait til
we're in a warm climate year-round!

Right now my desk is a mess with 3 client sites to build,
and Teri's just finishing up the photos from last week's
Bikini International shoot, so that site needs updating over
the weekend as well... Guess it's going to be busy! ;) So
let's get right into the next installment on how to get
started online...

There is one setup that has helped us more with affiliate
program earnings than any other, and not only do I recommend
it for those just getting started, but I simply don't understand
why EVERY Internet marketer doesn't make use of it. Even
our '
Earning More Online' site started as one of these, though I
did alter the design to personalize it...

Anyway, the concept behind the PlugInProfits sites is quite
simple. You get a professionally-designed web site set up
for you with YOUR links to a number of powerful affiliate
programs including SFI, Empowerism, etc. - it's even put online
for you so there's no need to worry about HTML, FTPing, etc.

And best of all, you also get a ONE-YEAR-LONG autoresponder
course set up for you promoting the affiliate programs and the
PlugInProfits opportunity, with each issue customized with your
name and links in it.

In one fell swoop you get a site and an e-zine, both already set
up for you and ready for you to start sending traffic to! And
when anyone visiting the site signs up for your opt-in list,
you know they're taken care of for the next year. Other than
sending traffic to it, this is so set-and-forget that it's a
no-brainer to add to your stable of income-producing streams.

Make no mistake, though - this isn't something that will bring you
in a ton of cash in a hurry - like all set-and-forget options, it builds
slowly over time. Since October we've had about 400 people join
our list for this one, and almost all are still getting the e-zine. About a
dozen have already gotten their own PiP site through it, which also
means they've signed up under us at the various affiliate programs -
all with very little active promo from us.

Check out the PlugInProfits opportunity here.

And the beauty of all this? You can get the whole setup, including
both the site & autoresponder course, put in place for you for just
the cost of the site hosting - not too shabby, eh? I have never seen
a lower-cost solution that's so inexpensive yet professional -
see for yourself:

Check out the PlugInProfits opportunity here.

And through a special arrangement, you also get free access to the
Warriors' Forum - possibly the single best Internet marketing
resource online, and truly the home of the Big Dogs. From advice on
everything online to info on what's going on currently, special
Warriors-Only deals and JV opportunities, nothing beats
the Warriors forum -making it alone worth the entire cost!

Yet the best of all is that you can turn this whole show into another
no-net-cost tool in your arsenal - once 3 or more people have
joined under you, the hosting part alone is paying you more than
you give them each month. That's probably the best part - after
you've got 3 under you, it continues to produce leads and income
while paying for itself.

So actively promote it til you get to that point, then put it
on the shelf and send more traffic once in a while to build the
opt-in list. A couple of years down the road it may well be one
of your best residual income streams, all set up from just that
original effort.

There really is no easier way to get started online,
especially for such a low investment - most good e-books
cost more than the monthly fee. And if you're already doing
well online, spend one weekend setting yours up, then send it
enough traffic to start it rolling. Since it's basically set-and-forget,
you've just added another automatic income stream that can
build as time goes by.

So whether you want to become an affiliate mogul or simply
create a few long-term income streams, take my advice and
start right here now...

Make PlugInProfits YOUR next income stream!

If you have any questions about it after reading the info there,
be sure to drop me a line and I'll let you know what's up - since
we've been using the program for about 6 months now, I'm fully
aware (I think) of all the areas of it...

And, of course, the best testimonial I can offer for it is join it
now - It's making us money every month - and should be for you, too.

Make money with your own PlugInProfits web site.

That's it for today - be sure to check it out and see if it fits your plans...
I have to switch to my 'web-designer hat' now and get on with those
sites. Please enjoy life to it's fullest, and give your loved ones an extra
hug or two today - never forget they're one of the most important
reasons you're doing all of this! See you in a couple of days...

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - In case I didn't make it clear above, your new PiP site is
just that - YOUR OWN SITE. It's not a few pages on the
Affiliate program's site - it's your own to do with as you
like - add pages, change pages, change, add or delete
offers, links, etc - it's yours just as if you had designed
it from scratch.

Start making money with PlugInProfits here.

PPS - Think I'll throw in another goody just for those who
read this far, as a reward for being thorough in your research.
Get your PiP site through our link, then e-mail me your new
URL. As soon as I verify that it was done through our link,
you can choose any two items from our

Internet Marketing Success Store, and I'll send them
to you for free, no matter what they cost on our site.

Sound cool? You get to choose your own bonuses
this time! Remember, though, to get your free bonuses
you have to use this link:

Get Your PlugInProfits site AND 2 Free Bonuses!

Enjoy! -DC


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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How To Get Started Online...

Welcome Back!

Let me start today by saying a big 'Thank You' to all
of those who participated in the 8Days event - you made
it a smashing success for us & we truly appreciate it! For
all the moms in our online family, hope Mothers' Day
was spectacular for you!

It was certainly nice for Teri & I, especially since it's
the first year none of the kids are living at home. It was
really nice to have two of our kids, Tara & Devon, home for
the weekend, and to go see Teri's mom with them on Sunday.
We ended up putting over 800 miles on the Subaru over the
weekend, but it was worth it - everyone had a super time!

By the way, if you're going to be visiting the beautiful
Niagara Falls area at any point this summer, be sure to
let us know - we'd love to join you for a coffee if our
schedule permits...

Today I want to start answering the most common question
we receive - 'how do I get started online?' It's easy to fire off
some pat answer, but I want to let you know some of the
options and considerations involved. Even if you're already
doing well online, the review will probably open up some
new ideas for you.

To start with, there is no one answer to this - it depends in
large part on your own circumstances. For one thing, it's like
any other biz - you'll have to invest money and time.
The two are inversely related - the more you can apply of one,
the less you need of the other for the most part.

Then, you'll have to decide what fits your personality and
experience best. If you love dealing with people and are
reasonably comfortable with your writing skills, you'll want
to publish an e-zine. If not, pre-written e-courses or
autoresponder series are the route to go...

And, of course, you'll want a Blog - there is simply no
faster way to promote your site or affiliate links than by
posting to your blog and then pinging the directories. If you
haven't already set one up, you're missing a big chunk of your
online potential, no matter what field you're in. Remember
you can always get our free guide at

Before you even get started, here is the most important
piece of information I can give you: if you're not already
well off financially, do not give up your day job to start
online. There's a popular myth going around that you can
get your full-time income going right away online. People
buy into it out of frustration with their current situation, and
are then disillusioned further when it doesn't work out.

Unless you have ten or twenty grand to invest in your new
venture and sufficient resources to live on for 3 - 6 months,
sorry but it just ain't gonna happen. Short of that, stay with
your current situation & get started part time. Use what you
can from that to help you get your online efforts going quicker.

If, on the other hand, you're already at home all day and
don't have a full-time income, you might want to invest most
of your time into your online efforts. Do not get into it when
everything is incredibly tight - find another source of income
offline & reduce the pressure, then start into it.

If this seems wrong to you, stop and think for a minute.
This is a business we're talking about - YOUR business. If
you wanted to open a store, how much would it take? How about
a franchise? In that situation you'd expect to shell out 25k - 500k,
right? Online you can cut those amounts by 90% probably - but
that's still 2.5k - 50k. It can be as little as a few hundred at first
and maybe 50 - 100 each month from there on - as long as you
can wait to get much back from it.

But have a plan in mind before you start, and stick to it.
Otherwise you'll find yourself signed up for a bunch of stuff,
out more than you intended to spend, and have nothing really
working for you yet. It really is frustrating when you hit that
point, and more give up then than any other time. Avoid it by
being well informed about what's available and deciding your
next few steps BEFORE you get started - or at least
before you go any further.

Later this week I'll start showing you some of the proven
ways to proceed from where you are now, based on your
situation, goals and talents. Don't despair - no matter
what your current situation, there are prudent paths to
follow. If you'll let me, I'll show them to you and help you
get moving in the direction that's right for you...

Until then, have a super week and remember to read - it's
probably the most valuable use of your online time right now.
Read everything you can put your hands on to do with the type
of biz you want to build online... See you later in the week!

All the best,

Doug Champigny
Welland, ON, Canada.


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