Wednesday, November 21, 2007

PayDotCom ClickBank Alerts

Bulls-eye! The need to provide powerful affiliate tools
to people - giving them a choice of FREE or
upgraded membership - was the driving idea behind the new
service we launched 24 hours ago at:

PDCBA Daily Alerts

And with only a handfull of friends sending it out
to their people, well, as the sports announcers say,
'the crowd went wild'! No one, not even our critics
(if we had any... :) ) could deny it's a great service
that definitely fills a major need - over 1,000 people
got set up in the first 24 hours, and almost 100 upgraded
on the spot!

It's easy to see that some of these people are going
to use this service to rake in the bucks - they're the
ones that upgraded immediately, grabbed their own affiliate
link and got it out to their people and onto their blogs.

By mid-afternoon their marketing efforts were showing results,
as people who didn't know about the site til the morning
had referals coming in by afternoon - and Google Alerts
showed me 4 or 5 different blog posts that had already
be spidered with links to the site.

That's the kind of quick action on a new launch that
makes you the most in affiliate marketing - as soon as
you here about a big new launch, get in, get your own
affiliate link, and get it out everywhere you can while
the event is still new, while the buzz is still building -
and ride it all the way to the bank - bigtime!

New Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Listings Daily

Those are the people who'll do best using the service
too - because every day every person, upgraded or not,
gets the list of all new products at BOTH ClickBank and
PayDotCom sent directly to their Inbox - with their own
links already shown, ready to pick up and send out if the
product fits their Internet Marketing style and/or niche.

How about you? When you joined us on the site yesterday,
did you upgrade and grab your affiliate link? Did you get it
out to your Opt-In List, blog about it, social bookmark it, or
do a couple of forum posts with it in your signature? Send
it out to the online list services like YLL, ListBandit,
ListExplode and ListDotCom?

If you upgraded and didn't send out, why not? Get in
the habit - that type of quick action will get you in the
habit, boost your affiliate earnings considerably, bringing
you in that much more as a result of our daily alerts.

If you got into the site but didn't upgrade, why not?
You won't have time to act on every single day's Alert
when it comes in, and some may not be applicable to your
efforts til a week or two down the road. That's where the
searchable database of the last 7, 14 or 28 days comes
in handy. Or if you need to make some bucks quickly, use
the list of which products are getting hotter, and skip
those on the 'cooling off' list. Remember, ClickBank sends
out the affiliate commissions every two weeks, not once a month.

PayDotClickBankAlert Daily Affiliate Marketing Alerts

If you didn't set your account up there yesterday, I'm
not even going to ask you why not - because you need to
get over there right away and rectify that. Maybe you
missed yesterday's note, maybe you were too busy - or
maybe you weren't sure whether you wanted the Daily Alerts.

• The daily alerts are free...

• Over 1,000 people in the first 24 hours shows you
it's a powerful service...

• During the launch, an OTO of $27 will upgrade you
for a whole YEAR...

• No other source, no other service exists that gives
you what just the Free level gives you...

Time to head on over and get in - get more info at:

The Affiliate Marketing Daily Alerts Site

Helping you Make 2008 GREAT...

Doug Champigny

PS - Still skeptical? Since there's no outlay involved
for the free service, there's no risk attached either...
Get your Daily Alerts and if they aren't useful, stopping
them is a couple of simple clicks. How easy is that?

To your success... DC.

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