Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Using Private Label Rights Properly...

The debate has raged on for weeks now
about PLR articles and how to make them
unique. That debate can be put to rest
today, thanks to the launch of a super new

Pay careful attention here, especially if you're
fairly new to the biz. You're about to learn how
to boost your traffic and your earnings
with a simple four-step system. Just three steps
if you're handy with HTML, but four even if
you've never coded a line of web page HTML.

There are a ton of Private Label Rights (PLR)
articles floating around for you - we even gave
you a site to get 100 PLR Articles For Free:

Click Here to Get 100 PLR Articles For Free!

So you start with your PLR articles and then use the
at Ken Reno's Unique Content Generator to
alter it:

Start Here to Make Your Content Unique!

OK - so we've shown you both of those before.
Problem was, too many people felt that didn't
change the articles enough to truly make them
unique - so the fear still existed that the engines
and directories still might drop a site that used
them for not being sufficiently unique.

The solution launched earlier this week-
The Secret
Article Converter
. This amazing new software
service is an online tool with all the bells and whistles -
change your PLR Articles all you want using the
automated system, replace various keywords with
synonyms and more... Let's just say it has a lot of
tools you can use to tweak your content and
make it truly unique! Take a look at it here...

Click Here To Create Truly Unique Content

You must admit, Jeff & Lisa have created a powerful
tool there, and priced it much lower than I had
expected them to when they first showed it to me...

A word to the wise, though - the price probably won't
stay this low once they finish the launch, so lock in now
and be sure it stays that low for you on an ongoing basis.

OK - you got your articles, ran them through BOTH
services to be sure no one else has the same content...
Now what?

If you're conversant in HTML, build a page with your
content, AdSense and links to your salespages, of course,
then get it online right away.

Not an HTML expert? I've got a solution for you there
too. A couple of weeks ago I showed you a complete
Content Management System for your site - it's a
one-time investment that lets you use a script to
build all your web pages easily...

Automatically builds your web site and pages!

So just take your new unique content, drop it on the
script and your page is ready to go!

Helping You Succeed in 2006...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - If you do nothing else today, lock in your low rate
for the Secret Article Converter - it'll be handy to
have whenever you get new Private Label Rights
articles, and you won't want to pay what they'll be
charging by then...

Click To Lock In The Low Launch Rate Now!

To your success... -- DC.

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