Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New List Building Site!

The newest free list-building site has just now
launched, so get in now:

This new site is called List Bandit, and it's the latest
brainchild from Gary Ambrose. As you probably know,
Gary is the guy behind The List Machine and Your
Lucky List
, so you know he knows how to do this right.
After all, YLL has grown to about 80,000 people so far - would you
rather be at the top or bottom of that group? The new site just
launched now - so get in at the top:

There are a few new twists to this one - for one thing,
the lists will be shuffled pretty much daily, so you could
end up with a list to send to by tomorrow or later this week.
That's in addition to the people you send there yourself.

Also, there are a variety of bonus levels, giving you
more people to e-mail once you refer a certain number of
people (starting as low as five people). Or, if you don't
think you can refer many, don't want to wait that long, or
want some extra perks like a way to make some commissions
from it too, be sure to upgrade to a higher level when you
get inside. Going to a paid level also lets you e-mail more
people more often

Because this is so new, most people haven't heard of it
yet - so get in, upgrade if you comfortably can, then get
it on your blogs and out to your lists - BEFORE you take
the time to check through all the neat little stuff Gary's
added to this one. I'll see what I can do later this week
or early next to help you push your list there even further,
so watch for that too.

But for now, get into this now, on launch day, and put
another powerful resource in your online arsenal to help
you get where you're going with your online business:

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Doug Champigny

PS - For now, only upgrade if you can COMFORTABLY do so.
There are major benefits to doing so, and it'll shorten
the timeline
before you see good results from the site -
but always remember NOTHING is worth using the rent or
food allowance for, ok? If you're already making money
you have to keep putting some of it back in to
keep growing, and this is one fo those times when it's
a really good idea - but either way, be sure to get in
now while it's brand new and about to explode:

To your success... DC.

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