Friday, May 11, 2007

Free Willie Crawford Audio...

Affiliate Marketers - Here's a message from
a true Affiliate Marketing Expert, fellow
Super-Affiliate and a personal friend of mine,
Willie Crawford...

Willie Crawford is one of the most respected and
influential affiliate marketers working online today.

Willie Crawford has been making money online
since late 1996. He's a published author,
seminar host, internationally-featured speaker,
and business mentor who owns over 200 active

His own products include ebooks, print books,
audios and DVDs, live internet marketing workshops
and he's now using his skills and expertise to
develop huge enterprises such as television shows.

He's also an incredibly successful affiliate
marketer in his own right and a powerful
'behind the scenes' Joint venture broker who
has been responsible for some huge product launches.

In his inspirational autobiography 'Git Off the Porch!
And Embrace Your Destiny
' he explains how he
overcame many tough obstacles to achieve success -
welfare, both mental and cultural limitations to
became one of the genuine Internet good-guys and a
hero to thousands of online marketers.

Willie has invested ten years of study, testing
and tracking to find out the hard way what really
works online and today he's opening the doors
and letting you in...

In this snippet Willie talks about how anyone
can get started online as an affiliate marketer
and then build that fledgling affiliate marketing
business into a viable long term business.

More coming soon, but for now, Listen to this
Willie Crawford snippet right now...

Helping You Succeed In 2007 and beyond...

Doug Champigny
Teleseminars & Webinars - 25 Secrets You Need To Know!

P.S. The complete 64 minute interview will
be available to all
MME3 members plus a lot more!

'CMSInfusion Technology - Explode Your Commissions In A Mouse Click'

To Your Success... DC.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Best Web Graphics Bundle

Best Web Graphics Package
Hope all's well for you and yours today! Teri & I are going to
use a good chunk of today downloading all the cool new web
graphics from:

Best Web Graphics Package

Since we're designers ourselves, we do our own graphics
for the stuff we write, but for PLR stuff and Resell Rights
products, we like having a huge selection of graphics at
the ready so they don't take much time to get online.

You may have expected the PLR stuff - but did it surprise
you we sometimes redo the salespage & graphics for stuff we
pick up with Master or Resell Rights? We sure do! Not to fool
anyone - you're not allowed to change the title or author or
anything on those, but redoing the graphics and salespage
can a) let you build a stronger page with better conversions,
and b) stop the page from being classed as deplicate content
by the engines. Here's an example from a while back:

Guerilla Marketing E-Books - 3-Pack

Three powerful e-books for $27.00 is a great package, but
the existing graphics and design didn't convey that as well
as we wanted it to. With the new page, we did much better
than average, I'm sure... And that's one of the reasons I
want you to take a look at:

Hundreds Of Graphic Design Elements For Your Web Pages

The second reason is so that you won't feel intimidated
building your own sites - with the pro graphics in your
toolbox, that just leaves the type - a much easier task.

And thirdly is for the people who can pick up the OTO
on this package - because it includes training videos and
action scripts for PhotoShop, amongst other components.

If you can, pick up the OTO too - but if not, at least
grab the original bundle - it's set at less than 10 bucks
for the first few days:

Brand New Web Graphics For About $10

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Doug Champigny

PS - Speaking of under 10 bucks, if you missed getting your
tracking & testing account set up yesterday, you can still
get it for a one-time outlay today:

Track Your Ads AND Your Articles!

To your success... DC.

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