Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Niche Marketing Magic!

Welcome Back!

Hope all goes well! We received a few e-mails to see if
Teri & I were ok, since there were no posts last week...

Yes, all is well - we were just busy preparing a major new
site for you, and then our son Devon was down for the
weekend so it was just family time for 3 days...

The new site isn't quite ready to go yet, but you can
get a sneak peek at Niche Marketing Magic now...


As you can see, this is probably going to be the
biggest Niche-related site online and we're expecting
a huge response. Naturally, as part of our online family
I wanted you to know about it first, and you'll be the
first to know when it goes live.

If you joined our affiliate program before, you can log in
and get your links just before launch. If you haven't yet teamed
up with us, be sure you do as soon as you get in -by referring
just 3 or more members, it's like getting yours for nothing -
and what a package!

So that's great for you later this week - but what can
you do now to be better prepared? Be sure to set
yourself up at UMC for your hosting and autoresponders...


What's so unique about UMC? And how does it tie in with
niche sites? Simple - at UMC one account lets you put up to
5 sites there, and gives you unlimited Pro autoresponders
to support them.

Think about that for a minute - 5 different sites, say one
for each of 5 niches, plus the ability to run e-courses and/or
e-zines for each. That works out to monthlies of $4 per site
for the 5 sites, including hosting and autoresponders...

If you already have a site, how does that compare to your
current monthlies? That's what I thought...

So get in there now, and you'll be ready for the Magic
launch later this week!


All the best,
Doug Champigny,

Welland, ON, Canada

PS - I'll even answer your question before you ask...
Yes, we use UMC ourselves - and we're completely happy
with it. Not only do we get the features above, but we run
our affiliate program through it, and Kavi's customer
service is second to none - blisteringly fast, in most cases!
Stop by now:


Enjoy! --DC.

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