Friday, December 16, 2005

Hurry - Joint Venture Opportunity

Don't delay - get signed up at
the 117 Gifts Giveaway JV
right away - you've only got
today and tomorrow (Saturday)
as the
117Gifts Giveaway starts
on Sunday! Be part of one of the
biggest list-building giveaways
of the year!

You already know that Joint Ventures are
one of the fastest ways to build your lists,
and the 117 Gifts & 12 Days of Christmas
events are the two biggest each year!

Also, make sure you get YOUR free gifts
The 12 Days of Christmas

To your online success...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Getting Ready for 2006...

Welcome Back!

Hope all goes well, and that the approaching Holidays
will be a joyous time for you and yours! If you need some
Christmas recipes, Christmas crafts or something to keep
the little ones happy, busy & out from underfoot this year,
stop by our And
remember to use our cardshop to send your free online
cards to anyone around the world:

Now - on to the topic at hand - getting ready for 2006.
It's very easy during the holidays to get wrapped up
(pardonthe pun) in all that's going on, leaving us suddenly
into the New Year with no plan in place to make it a better
year than the one before.

Where does your online biz stand? Was '05 a better
year than '04 was? Did you just get started in '05? Or
have you sat on the sidelines this year, still not really
getting everything going yet? We all know that failing
to plan is planning to fail - and I don't want to see
anyone in our online family fail in '06...

So today, here are some simple, inexpensive steps
you can take to prepare for a better year to come:

1) You need to be building your list at all times, and
using whatever ethical means are available. Start by
making sure you're using all of the free list-builders:

No, don't just read on - you've been doing that all year.
Take a minute, right now, and get set up at each of them.
Don't worry if you don't know what to do with them yet -
I'll be coming back to them early in the new year.

Done? Good!

2) The Christmas season is the best time to get new tools
and resources through the big giveaways. Don't just grab
everything just because they're free - actually think about
each one and grab those that will actually help you. Even
the most discerning person will find a bunch of great
resources that will help them.

First, grab the gifts from us:

Then look through the giveaways & get what you want:

Be sure to get there and choose the ones you want
right away, ok? I'll be sending you info about another
huge giveaway that launches Thursday, but they won't
let me tell you about it yet... So get there and get
the gifts from these ones now.

3) Get your membership to Niche Magic. You don't
want to put this one off, since this is the last month
to lock in at the pre-launch rates. If you look at the
page, you'll see it's much less if you get in now as
opposed to in January or thereafter. Right now it's
still $47 to join and $12 a month, but if you hesitate,
you'll pay $67 and $17 a month come January.

By getting in their now, you ensure yourself
a steady influx of new resell rights products to
resell in '06 -no need to be hunting around for
new products to offer!

4) Since you'll obviously want to join our Affiliate
program for Niche Magic, arrange to learn a lot
more about how to promote affiliate opportunites.
Ewen Chia, a true Super Affiliate, has just launched
a new service to help us all, and you can get in for
life right now for just a sawbuck - $10 - amazing
when you consider all he has to teach us all!
We jumped at this one first chance - and
so should you...

There, you see? In just a couple of hours you've
gotten your list-building, your resell product needs
and your affiliate tutorial all in place for the new year,
all for very little outlay - less than many e-books!

Speaking of e-books, we're just finishing a new
one called 'Becoming A Resale Magnate'. Since
you're part of our online family, you'll get your
copy with resell rights as another Christmas gift
from us - watch for it later this week, ok?

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - Double-check to make sure you've done all
of the above, ok? With the Holidays approaching
quickly, by next week you'll be too busy - and the
gifts will be gone after Christmas, so get in now
while the getting's good!

Enjoy! -- DC.

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