Thursday, August 25, 2005

Web Design Insiders' Bundle

Welcome Back!

Are you ready for it, Friend?

It's only a couple of weeks til the start of the
biggest time of year online - the Autumn runup to
Christmas. Every year, the period from Sept. 15 to
December 15th is huge for Internet marketers -
but only for those who cover all the bases...

If you're like most people reading this, you already
got a few of this summer's Insiders' Specials... But
have you put the products online? Is your list
building ready for the heavier traffic to come?

During the Insiders' events this summer, the #1
area our readers asked about was building or editing
their sites and pages. So Teri & I took care of it -we
put together a bundle that teaches the fundamentals
and psychology involved, and threw in a few automated
tools to round out the package...

So head on over to the site and read through

Then zip over to the Insiders' page to get yours!

That page will only be there til Wednesday, or til the
first 50 of you grab the bundle, so be sure to look after
it right away, ok? If you're in a hurry, just see

After all, Friend - wouldn't it be nice to get
your list building into gear, and finally be able
to upload those resell rights products that are
gathering cyber-dust on your machine? Why, there's
even software to make uploading your sites easier!

So look after that now, and then have fun getting
ready for the season!

Take care, talk soon...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - Which is harder to believe - how much is in the
bundle, or how little it costs for Insiders to download
it all?

Enjoy! -DC.

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