Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Internet Video Has Arrived!

Internet Pioneer Robert Metcalfe, the man who invented
ethernet, was interviewed recently by Beet.TV about the
current state of the Internet, especially as regards
Internet Video. Double-click the 'Play' button below
to hear his comments on how Internet Video is coming
of age, and will become the most important tool in
your marketing arsenal, whether you have a business
in the real world or the offline world...

Our thanks to Andy Plesser and Google Video for
supplying this footage.

For almost a year now Teri & I have been using
online video on our sites like
and of course, where
we've also put together a bundle of the easiest tools to
use to get your own foothold in the world of Internet
. Just as we predicted over 2 years ago about
blogging, nothing is going to stop the march towards
full online multimedia - so start dabbling in Video
online now, while your viewers still accept less than
perfect productions since it's still new. You want the
experience under your belt before viewers' tastes
become a lot more refined and the competition that
much stronger.

For more information on using video on YOUR sites,
drop by our Internet Audio Video website
and be sure and check out our Internet Audio Video Pro
bundle where you can download all 8 amazing audio & video
resources in IAVPro and get started for less than $100.

You can ride the wave of Internet Video, or you
can risk getting washed up on shore under those who
do - I'd rather see you on top!

Helping you succeed in 2007 & Beyond...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - Watch for updates to
over the next 6 weeks - we'll be filming on location in Orlando,
Miami Beach, Daytona Beach & Myrtle Beach during
February & the first week of March, and will try and get you
regular updates as we go!

All the best... DC.

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Go Pro 7: How's Your Opt-In List?

This is Part 7 in my series 'Go Pro in 2007'.
If you missed the first 6, please read them in the
archive here before reading on...

Here's a very important question for you: How's
your list doing? Have you started it yet? Are you
nursing it and helping it grow like it's the most
important part of your online biz?

Because it is, you know...

Whether you use it for affiliate promotions, to
bring people to your own salespages or just to get
visitors to yourAdSense sites, it's the single most
important part of your online efforts. It's a major
deciding factor in getting invited to JVs, in being
asked to review products for testimonials, in
becoming a Super Affiliate & getting the highest
commissions for the projects you choose to push.

So if you haven't started building it yet, where
does that leave you? Just where HAVE you been
spending your online time? And what results are
you seeing? If you HAVE started building your own
opt-in lists, you're probably already seeing results -
maybe not huge results, but results none the less, right?

So now it's a numbers game - triple your list size
& you triple your returns, more or less. Sure, there's
other factors that come into play, and with more
experience you'll convert better with most mailings -
but overall, the more people reading your e-zine, the
greater number of eyeballs following your links to the
sites you suggest, and the higher the numbers on the

Sure is a simple concept - more subs, more returns.
So why do so many new Internet Marketers hold off?

For many, it's never knowing where to start - or when.
But unless you just joined our online family, you can't
use those excuses. We've shown you the answers...

Where to send them from? UMC. You get space
for 6 sites, an affiliate management program to use,
and unlimited pro autoresponders, all for about
twenty bucks a month:

Hosting, Pro Autoresponders & More!


Are there ways to build a list for Free? Yes, by
using the online list builders. Not as effective as
your own list, but great nonetheless since you
can get started for no outlay:

Download This Free List-Building Resource


Now of course the most powerful way to go about
it is to mix the two above. Set up your own lists AND
use the online services. You can send the same info
to both, and then once in a while give a gift to those
in your downlines at the services, something they can
download by getting on to your list. Over time, move
new people from the services to your own list that way.

Don't have anything to give them for Free? Use any or
all of these:

Free Blogging Report!

Free Teleseminars Report!

Free AdSense Report!

That's what they're for - in fact they even come
with a pre-built page to give them away from! And
don't forget to talk about them in your blog too - move
some of your unknown blog readers onto your lists as well...

Every so often, remind your list about your copy
of the page you got at Let
them have a copy when they use your links to get
into the services, just like you did. Then the people
THEY refer become part of your downline there,
and the cycle begins again as you send THEM the
linkto your gifts. Done right, that circle can keep
repeating over time to really help your efforts
to grow your list.

In a couple of weeks FreePLR Round Two
launches, and if you have a list of 1,000 or more
you'll have a chance to participate and jump ahead
quickly. Hopefully you do have a list like that - if
not, start on it now so you get into Round Three
in the Fall, ok? Make 2007 the year you look back
on as your breakthrough year, the year you got
rolling by putting your list building ahead of all else.

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Doug Champigny
Welland, ON, Canada
Search The Champigny Web

PS - If you want some additional ideas on really doing
well with your list, take a good look at the info on
Customer List Fortunes, available til Friday
night at:

To your success... DC.

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