Thursday, December 31, 2009

Internet Marketing - Affiliate Marketing Blog Updates...

I've been busy with my Internet marketing and affiliate marketing blogs this week, so here's a quick digest of new posts for you to check out, learn from and enjoy!

Internet Marketing with Doug Champigny

Focus On The New Decade For Internet Marketing Success!
Internet marketing success, as defined by moving you closer to your own dream lifestyle, requires long-term planning, not just mapping out goals for the new year.
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PowerStart 2010: Your Internet Marketing Priorities
In Internet marketing, the difference between victor and victim is often the end result of one's own priorities.
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Aim For Empirical Success In Your Online Marketing
True long-term success as an Internet marketer comes not from huge advances, but from building up an empirical body of work online over a period of time.
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PowerStart 2010: Little Steps To Big Internet Marketing Profits
Internet marketing has evolved into a multi-headed beast that intimidates newbies, but Internet marketing mentor Doug Champigny shows how big success can still come from small steps.
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Captain Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Training

Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business From Home
Work-at-home businesses are an attractive way for people to supplement or replace their current income, and affiliate marketing is often the best way to start.
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Video: Super-Affiliate Predictions for Affiliate Marketing in 2010
Super-affiliate Rosalind Gardner has been the Queen of Affliate Marketing for years now, and this new video shares her affiliate marketing predictions for 2010.
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The Marketing BlogZine

Internet Marketers – Have You Done All Your Backups Recently?
Backing up hard drives, backing up blogs and backing up contacts are a necessary part of work-at-home business routines - have you backed yours up recently?
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Enjoy these new blog posts - there's a lot of powerful information in them to help you with your online businesses!

And here's wishing you a Happy New Decade, one filled with health, wealth and prosperity for you and yours, and true success for your Internet marketing and/or affiliate marketing future!

- DC -

About The Author...

Internet Marketing Mentor and Speaker Doug Champigny

Doug Champigny is a world-famous Internet Marketing mentor and speaker and a recognized super-affiliate who has been online full-time since 1996. Be sure to visit his Internet Marketing Blog, his Affiliate Training Blog and to follow Doug on Twitter!

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