Saturday, September 06, 2008

Become An Expert E-Zine Publisher - Instantly!

Want to publish a professional e-zine or newsletter in the Internet marketing and/or affiliate marketing fields? Now you can - instantly!

You see, in addition to our PLR articles, PLR e-books and PLR websites, you can now download a professionally-written PLR e-zine dealing with all the main areas of Internet marketing. Not some lightweight offering like most people present you with, this package includes 10 issues on each of ten different areas of Internet marketing - 100 issues in total!

Once you download your Instant Newsletters In A Box you'll notice two things right off - first, each issue is there in .txt and .doc format for maximum usability. Secondly, and more importantly, each issue is packed with solid advice to help those interested in internet marketing and affiliate marketing to make money online.

Further, there isn't a link or ad in the bunch - that's so that YOU can put in the links you want and sell related products through the e-zine, either your own products or those affiliate marketing products you promote.

For maximum effect, before uploading these issues into your autoresponder, add the firstname personalization your system uses (i.e. %%FNAME%%, %firstname%, etc - whichever your autoresponder uses), add your name and a link to your blog, then decide how you want to link that issue to your product or affiliate link.

The 2 best ways are to either modify the issue slightly so you can seemlessly add in your links at the appropriate locations within the article itself, or simply add a paragraph of two as a PS and put your pre-sell copy and link(s) there. More advanced users will do best to use a combination of the two, if you know how to do that without it looking like a blatant salespitch when you're done.

BTW, if you hurry you can also download the PLR Spectacular bundle of 10 PLR e-books until Sept 7th midnight Eastern. Since they cover the same topics, they're a natural to sell through the e-course - and since they're PLR, you can brand them with your name and links too, further elevating your 'expert' status while hopefully making you some good money.

Load the finished articles up into a pro autoresponder like the ones you get with, and set the frequency you want them to go out at - once a week for two years of e-zine, twice a week for one year, etc. Then drive targeted traffic to your signup form and let the newsletters take over from there, building your back-end profits on autopilot while you go on to new projects.

Done right, this can be one of the most powerful 'hands-off' profit generation centers for your online business for years to come - if you're willing to put in the upfront effort to get it together and functioning online...

POWER TIP >>> Get your signup page online with some good sales copy about the potential benefits to their lifestyle, finances, and general well-being that can accrue from being a successful Internet marketer - and pointing out that this e-zine can show them the methods, ideas, practices and products they'll follow and use to achieve their own online success. Then use your blog, existing e-zine, social sites and social bookmarking to get the targeted traffic started to it.

As soon as you've done that, create some articles, podcasts and videos to promote the course, and get those out to the appropriate directories online - as many as you can find access to - and be sure every one of them is linked back to your signup page. While your initial efforts will cover immediate traffic, it's the articles, podcasts and videos that will keep new signups coming to the page, potentially for years to come.

So grab your Instant Newsletters in a Box right now, and if you're reading this on or before Sept 7th, get your 10 Internet Marketing E-Books with PLR to push through your new newsletter - and then go ahead and set up your new automatic profit center!

To your success...

Doug Champigny.

PS - If you grab the e-books as well, or already have products sitting on your hard drive to use, then Hosting4Marketers is the perfect resource to use with them. For about $20 a month you'll get enough hosting space to put all ten e-book salespages PLUS your newsletter opt-in page (squeeze page), pro autoresponders to run the e-zine through AND your own affiliate program so you can make money from others selling your e-books too! In fact, don't forget to refernce your new affiliate program in the PS part of some of the newsletters themselves - create the perfect profit circle to keep the whole system making you money for some time to come!

(Read back over this post a couple of times - you've just discovered just one of the major ways the Big Dogs make so much money online...)

Oooops - another 'secret' revealed! :) DC.


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