Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Only 9 Bundles Left!

Welcome Back!

How are you doing today? The long weekend brought
great weather to Welland for the most part, and yes, we
did get out on the tall ship Empire Sandy for a cruise
of Lake Erie.

Life is never dull around here, it seems... Our friend
Debby and her daughter Livi have just moved back from
Japan, and will be staying with us for a couple of months
til they get back on there feet here. Wish us all luck!

The video package is still going gangbusters! If you're
participating in the giveaway at 117freegifts.com you'll
be able to download the videos for free - so why are so
many paying to snap up the package from us? Because
you get the 6 download pages, plus the sales page and
download page for the whole package as well!

Those pages were created just for you, and are not part
of the free downloads from 117. So the hours and days you
save by getting the bundle are worth far more than the
cost of the bundle, which works out to less than
$10 per page.


As I write this 41 of the packages are gone, with only
9 left available. If you just want to see the videos, get
them at 117freegifts.com. But if you want the full
ready-made site for the bundle you'll need to get it
here before they run out!


Originally I'd planned to keep it going til next Tuesday,
but it's going much faster than I anticipated, so they'll
probably be gone by some time today or tomorrow. I'll
see what I can come up with for another Insiders'
Special to replace it when it's gone - but get your bundle
and get it online asap - only the next 9 to act will be
able to get it!

See you later in the week... All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

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