Saturday, November 26, 2005

Super Affiliate Marketing

Ewen Chia.

That's his name. Ewen Chia. 32 years old, friendly,
polite, intelligent. But don't be fooled by his mild
exterior... Ewen's a tiger - a marketing carnivore,
slinking through the Affiliate Marketing forest online,
picking off his prey with utter abandon, gorging on
affiliate earnings that used to be his victims' due...

His vicitms? Yesterday's Super Affiliates, those
canny affiliate marketers who had climbed to the top
of the herd and tasted the spoils of greatness - huge
incomes from other people's products and sites.

Suddenly, a rumble runs through the area... The rumors
begin... Can it be true? Has Ewen Chia joined an affiliate
program that you're at the top of? Is your coveted #1
spot Ewen's next meal? You can't see him coming... You can't
hear anything yet - but by the time you do it'll be too late.
His sales letter will be out there, and you just won't stop
his momentum. If Ewen sets his sites on the affiliate
program you're participating in, you may as well step aside
so you don't get trampled in his surge to the top.

Oh, you'll e-mail to your lists, blog like crazy, buy
another million banners from Mike G., maybe even
double your AdSense budget or write another viral
e-book branded with all your affiliate links - but it
won't help - your cherished #1 spot is toast!

Now don't misunderstand - he's not going to affect your
affiliate earnings at all. He's too ethical for any of that. It's
just that he'll eclipse your position, and suddenly your spoils
will look like slim pickings compared to the affiliate earnings
feast he'll be chowing down on... Those huge commissions
he earns will make you less pleased with your own - but
the big shock will be the spotlight moving from you and your
activities to him, leaving you in the affiliate marketing
shadows, unseen & unheard for the most part.

Ewen Chia, super-affiliate predator has struck - another
kill notched in the records and on he prowls... Are you next?
Are you sure?

How do you keep the spotlight, stay the #1 Affiliate? First,
stick with the tools, rules and jewels that got you to that
spot in the first place. Too many people achieve a level of
affiliate success and then relax and take it easier, riding
on the laurels of their passive affiliate promotions.

Sure, it's fine to talk at conferences, show up on the cruises
and write books on how you got to the top - but not if it
causes you to be less relentless in your affiliate pursuits.
Stay on top of your game, lest the predator be watching...

What about another brandable e-book? Or an e-book
with master resell rights - have you been putting one
off? Jump on it now, before it's too late...

You know what it takes - that's how you got there in
the first place! Stick with ALL of your current affiliate
marketing techniques - just add a few new ones too!

And, just like in the offline jungles, never turn your back
on the top predators and their voracious appetites. Be
aware of where they are, of what they're doing, of what
affiliate marketing innovations they've developed
to make the kill that much easier & quicker.

Turn the tables on them. Be a sheep in wolve's clothing,
as it were. Get into their inner circles where you can
watch their path, copy what works, and mysteriously
stay out of their reach. Combine YOUR affiliate marketing
prowress with the tricks THEY use for a synergy beyond
anything they're aware of.

You see, even the Affiliate Super-Predators have their
weaknesses. All of them. Yes - dare we say it - even the
mighty Ewen... In fact, his is the easiest to spot! You see...

...he likes helping people!

Seriously! The guy gets a buzz from helping others do
well too... He's even set up a site to teach his super-affiliate
tricks to we lesser affiliates. Insider information like that
is priceless! Think about it - you get to see exactly what he's
up to... Disect it, compare it to what you're doing online, and
add in the parts you're missing.

In any other industry it would be called Industrial Espionage.
But in the spirit of Affiliate Marketing, he's selling the
info himself! Grab it before he comes to his senses and realizes
he's enabling his competition. Predators don't make many
mistakes - you've got to capitalize on EVERY one!

Eventually he'll be charging a hefty monthly fee for access
to his insiders' site, just like the others do. But he's using the
same tactics here he does in his own affiliate marketing
and overdelivering to attract the early adapters. He wants to
create some early successes to use as examples to hook those
hefty payments down the road, so he's willing to let some
people sneak in now for a low, one-time payment.

Think about it for a minute - down the road hot-shots will be
paying hefty fees each month to learn his secrets... But you
and I won't be paying a cent, because we grabbed the
lifetime membership to his Secret Affiliate Weapon
BEFORE he realized what we were up to... Heh, heh, heh...

He's trying to get this whole thing going so quickly that he's
allowing the first few to get this lifetime membership for
about $10 - yes, a one-time, no further cost, no tricks,
nothing up his sleeve TEN BUCKS!

But get this - he's got an affiliate program for it too! I
paid my ten bucks, picked up my affiliate link & fired it
out to my lists... Within that first 12 hours another $60
was sitting in my ClickBank account. So even if I never used
anything from the site, never learned a thing or made a
second visit to the site, I've already made a 500% profit
in 12 hours.

Hey - you accountant types out there - what's that as
an annualized R.O.I.? Better than early tech stocks,
isn't it?

And it gets better, believe it or not... Scroll half-way down
the members' home page & pick up your AdVoyager
advertising package - 500 clickthroughs to the site
of your choice - a package that would cost you another $25
on it's own - but free with your $10 membership! So even if
you never promoted it, didn't read the site postings, didn't
download the e-books or reports, you'd still have gotten
2 1/2 times your money's worth just from the targetted
traffic to your site!

OK, OK... Stop drooling on your keyboard! You'll
electrocute me somehow... Here's your link:

Get Your New 'Super Affiliate Weapon' Here Now!

Now, since I've helped you avoid being on Ewen's growing
victim list, remember to add ME to your Christmas list.
That's fair, right?



Jeez - I lose more traffic to Ewen than bankers do to Ditech...
Guess he does know what he's doing after all!

All the best,

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - If you need a great affiliate program with
35% residual commissions to try out Ewen's
techniques with, join our new members-only
affiliate program at:

Niche Marketing Magic Membership Site

Enjoy! -DC


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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Niche Products and Free Downloads...

Have you downloaded your niche e-books with
resell rights from
Niche Marketing Magic yet?
If you haven't joined NMM yet, do it quickly - the
November products will disappear from the site in
a week when the December Niche books are added...

And speaking of December, the usual giveaways are
about to get underway - it's the only time of the year
when you can download over $10,000 worth of
software, e-books & the like for free! There are
a few biggies this year, and here's the first one:

Christmas Giveaway #1 - Free Downloads Galore!

Get in there now & sign up for the announceent list so
you don't miss out on any of the free e-books, free
software & more.

I'll let you know of another one a week today - and remember
our is open all year
with gifts & goodies to help you get going...

Get on the list for YOUR free e-books & software now!

Take care-talk soon...

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

PS - Again - get into
today - then use the affiliate program to make those
resources 'free' to you as well!

Enjoy! -DC

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November's Niche Products

Welcome Back!

Hope all goes well! Watched our beloved Argonauts
football team go down to defeat in the eastern finals
on Sunday, so Montreal will represent our area in the
Grey Cup this weekend...

Afterward we watched the Toronto Santa Claus Parade -
the biggest, longest-running (over 100 years now) kids
parade inthe world. Did you happen to catch it?

It's broadcast in Canada, theUS, Ireland, Norway, Australia,
New Zealand and about a dozen other countries. If you're
into such things too, or have kids who are, you can watch it
anytime you like at One neat bit of trivia - it
was the inspiration for the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade
happening in New York this week...

Speaking of rave reviews from around the world, It's
been a week now since we launched the Niche Magic site,
and people love it! And no wonder - 67 tools, resources
& niche products plus 3 new products every month
- it gives you almost everything you need to get your own
niche empire up and running.

The 3 November Niche products are there waiting for
you; just remember that they're only there til the end of
the month - after that you're out of luck for these three.
Take a look at these 3 pages:

The Essential Guide To First Aid

All-Time Family Favorite Holiday Recipes

The Martial Arts Reports

Those are the 3 Niche Products for November, and
they come with the exact same pages you see at those
links. Did you notice that all 3 are set up for both PayPal
and StormPay? Every niche product on the site has
buttons for both, just waiting for you to enable them...

If you want these 3 products as part of your first month
at Niche Magic, be sure to get them now - in 10 days
they'll be gone, replaced by the December products. Grab
these 3 today, along with 31 tools & resources and 33 other
niche products with rights from:

The Niche Marketing Magic Membership Site

See you there!

Doug Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada

PS - For most of our online family, this is the easiest
way to get their own empire online and turn 2006
into a much better year than 2005. Are you one of
them? Could you use a bigger, stronger presence
online - and all the revenue that could generate?

Or are you so happy with this year's efforts that you
want 2006 to be a repeat of this year? Get on the
right path starting today with your own Niche
Marketing Magic membership:

Time For Some Niche Marketing Magic!

Enjoy! - DC

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