Monday, July 28, 2008

PLR - Your Ticket To The Big Leagues!

It's Monday again, time to roll up the shirtsleeves and
get cracking building your online empire! The 'Big Season'
online is Sept - December, and you only have 5 more weeks
to prepare for it. Will you slide through another Fall
going unnoticed, or leap into action and really maximize
your returns for the rest of the year?

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When it comes to getting more sites online, more
products online, making more with AdSense and branding
yourself worldwide online, there is one simple solution:
using PLR. Plr Articles, PLR products, PLR websites, etc.

Right now, for example, 12 spots have opened up at
Niche PLR - our site that gives you 5 new
PLR websites every month. Edit one text file for each
site to add your AdSense, Amazon and ClickBank links
and upload the sites - that's all there is to it! Take
a look at the five sites shown on the page there - those
are the 5 sites you could be downloading today.

Then, every month that you stay a part of NichePLR,
you'll get another 5 sites to use. And don't worry,
you don't need to build a separate site for each of
these if you don't want to - put up an index and use
each one in a sub-folder, like we've done on our own
site at There's over
1,000 pages of content there, much of it from the
Niche PLR downloads. Grab one of the 12
spots today and start building your own empire!

Or if you're good with building websites and want
your own unique sites instead, then you want the PLR
articles from Easy Articles Pro. Every
month you get 25 PLR articles on each of 4 niches,
along with header graphics specific to that niche. If
this is more your style, you can download your first
100 PLR articles now - Easy Articles Pro.

Already have a ton of PLR articles just taking up
space on your hard drive? Then treat yourself to the
Article Site Power Kit Pro and turn those PLR articles
into websites instantly - sites with your AdSense and
Amazon links already embedded, video feeds, etc - you
can even have it link any words or text in the articles
to your own affiliate links automatically! Download it
from Article Site Power Kit Pro if that's
your prefered method.

Don't sit back and simply watch any longer - get
into putting your own sites online today, using the
PLR you're downloading from Niche PLR
or Easy Articles Pro today!

Empowering YOU & Helping You Make 2008 GREAT...

Doug Champigny
Internet Marketing with Doug Champigny

PS - The next round of our FreePLR PLR
launches in 3 weeks - be ready to take full
advantage of it! If you're not up to speed on how to
convert PLR e-books to your own unique products, see
the videos in The PLR Turorial Videos - still the
Number One Guide to handling PLR e-books!

Helping you succeed... DC.

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